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Live from the 2019 Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage


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January 31, 2019

At Sea


I did two very unusual things this morning – I got up at 6:52 am (and didn’t have to) and I had breakfast!  Since I had snoozed through one of the glaciers the other day, I felt I needed to atone by watching as we cruised through “Glacier Alley” this morning between 7 and 9 am.  I was out on my deck (in numerous layers of clothing plus scarf, hat, and gloves) as we entered and saw a number of glaciers.  Some of the glaciers were “hanging” ones meaning they once came all the way to the water but are retreating due to global warming.


After about an hour, I was hungry so I went to the Lido.  I knew what not to have from my previous visit so I tried the pancakes.  They were delicious (I might need to go to breakfast more often)!


From there I went to the Crow’s Nest as we were getting ready to enter the Beagle Channel.  The Beagle Channel is named for HMS Beagle, the ship that brought Darwin to this area.  Much of the land around the Channel has been contested between Chile and Argentina for a number of years.  A war almost erupted in 1978 but eventually, with help from the Pope, the matter was decided.  As we sailed the Channel, Argentina was off our port side and Chile the starboard side.

A few people showed up for Knitters and Stitchers and Pat is coming along nicely with her baby sweater.


After lunch in the Lido we had trivia at 1 pm.  We had 12.5 out of 20 but the winning team had 13.5.

1) What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars?

2) How many “suicide king” cards are in a standard deck?  (These are the ones with a sword through the head.)

3) What was the original name of the Bloody Mary drink – the Marie Antoinette, the red snapper, or the red baron?

4) How many stars on the flag of New Zealand?

5) What kind of shoe has a box, shank, vamp, and drawstring?


In arts and crafts we made a fascinator in case you did not have orange to wear tonight.


In evening trivia we had 18 out of 20 but two teams had 19.

1) How many singles did the Beatles release in 1964?

2) Alphabetically, which is the last of the Seven Dwarfs?

3) What is the French equivalent of the stock exchange?

4) What one word was intentionally omitted from the screenplay for The Godfather?

5) For two points – How many sectors was Germany divided into at the end of WWII.  For two more points – Name who was in charge of each of these.


Tonight was a Gala Night and it was in honor of Princess Beatrix (formerly Queen until she abdicated to her son in 2013) and everyone was asked to wear something orange.  


Everyone present for dinner.  I had a salad, shrimp cocktail, surf and turf, and a Dutch dessert whose name I forget but it was delicious.  Starting at 9:30 they had “Chocolate Surprise”, a variety of chocolate treats passed around in the public areas.  Since we didn’t finish dinner until 9:30, I was not the least bit interested.


During dinner we came to Cape Horn which marks the place where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  It is often mistakenly believed to be the southernmost point of South America but that is actually the Diego Ramirez Islands.  We had originally been scheduled to arrive at 7 pm but we slowed down to arrive around 9.  Many who had main sitting were not happy because we could not hear the commentary in the dining room.  Three of us from the dining table went outside to snap some pictures as we turned around to head back to Ushuaia where we visit tomorrow.


Jason Lyle Black, the pianist, was the entertainer tonight. 


We had three very nice pillow gifts - a beautiful book called "Antarctica Cruising Guide", a bag with gloves, a hat and scarf (all with the logo on them), and an amazing soft throw (again with the logo).


Afternoon trivia

1) Moonlight

2) 1 (the King of Hearts)

3) The red snapper

4) 4

5) Ballet toe shoe

Evening trivia

1) 29

2) Sneezy

3) Bourse

4) Mafia

5) 4 – U.S., U.S.S.R., France and the U.K.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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February 1, 2019

Ushuaia, Argentina


Ushuaia is known as “Fin del Mundo” or the end of the world (it is the southernmost city in the world) so the tour I took today was “The Train to the End of the World”.  We first went to the Tierra del Fuego National Park.  We had 40 minutes to walk around and some people purchased postcards, stamps, etc. at the small post office right on the water.


We then went to catch the train.  Starting in the late 1800s, Ushuaia was used as a penal colony.  The prisoners were forced to get building materials and transport them to the town.  In the early 1900s the track was laid for the railroad.  The prison was closed in 1947 and the railroad was closed down in 1952.  It eventually was rebuilt and opened as a tourist attraction in 1994.


When the tour was over I walked around town for a couple of hours before returning to the ship.


A very late lunch in the Lido was followed by afternoon trivia.  We only had 10 out of 20 and the winners had 14.

1) In what city does Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet take place?

2) How many track events are in a decathalon?

3) Is field hockey an Olympic sport?

4) Name the two cats in Alice in Wonderland.

5) Name the person who has hosted the Oscars most often and who comes in second?


Ate with my other table and received a nice surprise.  We are all invited to have cocktails with the captain in his quarters and then dinner in the dining room tomorrow!


We only missed one in evening trivia but there were four teams with perfect scores.

1) What is color of the bullseye on a target?

2) What are young beavers called?

3) In 1994, what country got a new 74-year old president and a new flag?

4) What musical surpassed Gone With the Wind in gross revenue in 1965?

5) What is the most visited city in Brazil that is in the southern hemisphere?


Pat, Tom, and I sat and talked in the Crow’s Nest until it was time for Name That Tune.  We were one behind the winning team.


Instead of going to the show, I watched Mamma Mia:  Here We Go Again on the TV.  Luckily, I was also working on the blog so the time was not totally wasted!


We now have seven wonderful sea days ahead!


Afternoon trivia

1) Verona

2) 4

3) Yes

4) Cheshire cat and Dinah

5) Bob Hope (most often) and Billy Crystal (second)


Evening trivia

1) Yellow

2) Kits

3) South Africa

4) The Sound of Music

5) Rio


Smooth sailing until next time!

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I'm sure that your 'quite chilly' means that I would be freezing to death. The main reason I haven't been to Alaska, either. 


Thanks for the pictures from this thread and on your blog. I'm glad you are having a good time. 



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2 hours ago, cat shepard said:

Any idea what the temp was? It is their summer, but their temps must be similar to Alaska, right?  


You look cold standing near that sign.

It was a little over 10/50 in Ushuaia, but the park is at a higher elevation and would have been cooler, perhaps mid 40's.  A lot of the feel depended on the wind which was minimal in the morning but very brisk in the afternoon.



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15 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

It was a little over 10/50 in Ushuaia, but the park is at a higher elevation and would have been cooler, perhaps mid 40's.  A lot of the feel depended on the wind which was minimal in the morning but very brisk in the afternoon.





Thank you, Roy! I bet the wind off the water, and at higher elevations would have an impact. Still better than the Midwest & New England, though.

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February 2, 2019

At Sea


Another leisurely morning.  It was a foggy morning (and it remained that way all day) so very few people were in the Crow’s Nest.  I got up there for Knitters and Stitchers about 10 but we only had a handful of people.


We had an early “Name That Tune” trivia at 11:30. Only Pat and I were there from our team, so we joined three other people. We tied with another team for the win and after two tie-breakers were still tied so we left it at that.


After lunch in the Lido we had a regular trivia and we won with 11 out of 17.

1) Sacher Torte is traditionally made with what kind of jam?

2) What is the name of the capital city that is also the name of the old man in “The Old Man and the Sea”?

3) What popular phrase came about because of a certain seed’s ability to pop open at the slightest touch?

4) What do frogs and toads not have that other amphibians do?

5) In 2004, Tainan City in Taiwan was brought to a halt due to the explosion of what?


In arts and crafts we made a pair of earrings. 


At four the christening of the latest HAL ship, the Nieuw Statendam, was broadcast live from Fort Lauderdale.  Oprah Winfrey is the godmother of the ship.


It was then time to get ready for the cocktail party and dinner.  At 6:25 we met on deck 11 and were escorted to the Captain’s quarters.  There were about 35 of us.  He has a very large “living room” and mentioned it was one of the largest on any ship.  After drinks and canapes (delicious scallops among other things!) we were divided up into groups to be taken to the dining room.  The Captain apologized for not having dinner with the group but had to stay close to the bridge because of the fog.


The six of us from my “other table” were seated together and were hosted by the Hotel Manager, Rene, and his wife, Judy.  We had a set menu with an amuse bouche of mushroom (which I did not eat), then a salmon and caviar appetizer (which I also did not eat), then a really good soup with chicken and avocado in it.  There was a choice of tuna, veal, or a vegetarian dish.  Dessert was a choice of a pear “purse” or a raspberry mousse torte.


We missed evening trivia because of the dinner.


When dinner was over, Sherita, Patty, Pat and I sat in the Ocean Bar for the Winter Wonderland dance.

                                                                                                                          Then we went to see the “Shades of Buble” group. They put on a great performance and there was a surprising crowd for the 10 pm show.  We had a great time and Sherita was chosen to go up on stage and dance with the trio.


When I returned to my cabin around 11 pm, I was exhausted (after doing nothing all day) so I checked e-mail and went to bed at just about midnight.


Trivia – these were all questions we missed

1) apricot

2) Santiago

3) Open, Seasame

4) Tails

5) A whale “exploded”


Smooth sailing until next time!

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Glad you got some rest.


HMM -- I am really disappointed in the special dinner.  Maybe it is just me.  All too often that mushroom amuse is offered in the Pinnacle Grill which I don't like (usually every other night).  Choices for the entrees could have been better.


How wonderful for your trivia games today.

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February 3, 2019

The Antarctic Experience Day 1


I woke up about 4 am and looked out.  It was already light but I could not see anything.  Next time I woke up it was 6 and there was Antarctica right outside my window.  What an amazing sight!  Many people were out on my deck but I chose to snooze awhile longer.  When I did get up I went out to my deck.  It was really cold and I had to come back in for another layer.  It was a beautiful morning with clear blue skies and sun glistening on the water and the ice.  Through the day we saw whales, seals, and lots of penguins (both on land and in the water).  The weather started to deteriorate through the afternoon.


After taking numerous pictures (over 300 for the day), I met Pat in the Lido where she worked on her knitting and I wrote yesterday’s blog.  There was no afternoon trivia (!!!) because of the scenic cruising.  We went from the starboard side of the Lido to the port side for arts and crafts just before 2:30.  We made a needle case.  I have not quite finished mine but will after finishing tonight’s blog (picture tomorrow).


In the early evening we started getting a rocky ride.


Trivia was at 7 and we had 14 out of 18 correct.  Two teams tied with 17.

1) What planet boasts the tallest mountains in the solar system?

2) Which mammal gives birth to babies that are roughly the size of a raisin – squirrels, Tasmanian devils, or rabbits?

3) Which man has the most monuments erected to him?

4) In fencing, the foil is meant to hit which body part?

5) What creature has the most legs?


As we were leaving the Crow’s Nest we found out it was snowing so, of course, we went out to take pictures.


Only four of us for dinner.  I had a salad, vegetable and tortellini soup, fish and chips, and a strawberry sundae for dessert.


There was no show because of the Super Bowl.  I stopped in the showroom after dinner and it was only about half full.


As I finish this up (just after 10:30 pm) it is still not dark.



1) Mars

2) Tasmanian Devil

3) Buddha

4) Torso

5) Millipede


Smooth sailing until next time!

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Great updates Kathi!


sorry to hear that the waves are rocky.  Hope things smooth out for you fast.


I had to laugh at the taking pictures of snow.  We've seen enough here.  I would NOT be taking pics.  LOL. 😉 

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February 4, 2019

The Antarctic Experience Day 2


How can doing nothing be so tiring?  I went to bed before midnight and slept until 9!  Unfortunately, when I looked out I found the beautiful weather of most of yesterday had left us and it was quite foggy.


A number of the scientists from the U.S. Palmer Station came aboard this morning and gave two talks – we were divided by dinner seating.  They talked about what they did and life in an Antarctic research station.  In the summer months there are about 45 people working there and 15-20 during the winter.


After the talk, I went to the Crow’s Nest and watched their zodiac leave the ship stocked up with fruit, vegetables, and lots of sodas.  Pat and I worked on our stitchery for awhile before I left for lunch. 


In arts and crafts we made a beaded bracelet.


Had my afternoon ice cream and read some before returning to my cabin.  Rather than stand outside in the cold temperature (just a degree or so above freezing), I put the TV on and when the Antarctic commentator comes on with an interesting sight, I rushed outside.  The evening weather turned much nicer than earlier in the day and we even saw a little bit of sunlight.


Evening trivia was questions that the various teams turned in.  Many of them went with rather obscure facts while others had questions you could reason out.

1) What is Queen Latifah’s real name?

2) What was the first name of “Doc” on Gunsmoke”

3) What is Donald Duck’s middle name?

4) In what year did Henry VIII marry Anne Boleyn?

5) What is the only place where the flag is never lowered or saluted?

6) In what famous novel did the clock strike 13?

7) In which city is the only statue of the devil?

8) In what sitcom did all of the stars win an Emmy?

9) In what year was Quebec City founded?


Only six of us for dinner.  I had a salad, crab crostini, shrimp and crab fried rice, and crème caramel for dessert.


There was supposed to be a music trivia at 9 pm but it was cancelled due to scenic viewing.  We went through an area with lots of whales and people kept running from one side of the Crow's Nest to the other.


I did not go to the show.



1) Dana Owens

2) Gaylen

3) Fauntleroy

4) 1533

5) The moon

6) 1984

7) Madrid

8) The Golden Girls

9) 1608



Smooth sailing until next time!

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I'm looking forward to joining your Sit & Stitch group in a couple of weeks!:classic_biggrin:


One thing I don't think you have mentioned is Happy Hour - do you remember if there are HH's on port days?  We are thinking of getting together with the other "newbies" in BA at Happy Hour on the 18th, and I'm not sure if there will be one, in the Crow's Nest or Ocean Bar?  I think your trivia is in the Ocean Bar, right?  If you would be interested in joining us, Roy and Sherita, too, that is the plan!  I don't know if anyone else is even on the internet at this stage?  We are only about 16 CCers boarding in BA, so I'm not sure who will show up.  

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