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People who sleep on the Waterfront are gross


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1 minute ago, Mightyjoey1 said:

You are absolutely correct; these rude disgusting people should be sitting up, brushing the cushions off and prepared to get you a drink as you sit down.  Just like everyone at the bar should learn to stand when you walk by, the people by the loungers should move back, and the lines at O'Sheehans should mystically disappear as you arrive.  

Dam right, I don't need a drink, 

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1 hour ago, thetaro said:


Wait till they figure out how many people don't wash their hands or not use soap after bathroom.

I would say over 50% not washing hands in my last Mediterranean cruise.

To give people something else to worry about, I was washing my hands in a public restroom when a stall door opened and in the mirror I saw a woman lift her foot up and place it on the flush handle to flush. 

Made me gag. 

When I mentioned it to friends later, two of them said that’s what they do. 

Their reason for transferring germs from the bottom of their shoes onto the flush handle was not getting other people’s germs from their hands onto theirs. 

I told them I avoided that problem by washing my hands thoroughly after flushing. 

I find their actions disgusting and showing total disregard for other people. 

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1 minute ago, DirtyDawg said:


Joey, go back and read the series of posts between me and the OP. I was making a point about his/her support of posting pictures of folks sleeping in public place. The pictures have since been removed but you'll get the gist of it if you read the series.

Honestly...it's good I didn't see those pictures; I've seen people who have nodded off on the Waterfront and my thought was "gee, that looks comfy...wish I had gotten a seat earlier" and moved on.  To see actual vitriol posted on here because (1) you magically assume your hygiene is superior merely because someone is relaxing is rich at best (2) that somehow, if this person wasn't nodding, your vacation would magically be better because they abide by some magical rulebook you have in place and (3) people actually think they should be making a picture book of ever person they have an opinion on drives me batty.  Here's a thought....just relax, don't touch food in the buffet that doesn't go on your plate, be nice to staff and appreciate you are on vacation...and quit bitching!!!

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1 minute ago, Mightyjoey1 said:

Sooo....you were so agitated by his using the other lounger, you took a picture instead of enjoying what appears to be a gorgeous day out there.  Did you kindly ask the gentleman if you could use the chair?  Are we somehow to assume your backside is somehow a much cleaner place than his feet?  Does NCL in some way compensate your studious nature into fellow passengers and how they use the deck furniture?  To me you are one of those tools who can't ever seem to be happy and like to ***** for bitching sake.  Got a suggestion for ya....get up earlier and grab a chair sooner...hell, grab a second, so some whiner like yourself can take a picture of you too, and have CC delete (like they will this one shortly 🙂 )

LOL, You need to get a life. I only posted it because I knew it was piss you off. Wasn't my picture, just a quick google search LOL

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12 hours ago, DirtyDawg said:

You will! 😀

That's my point!

You need to be comfortable and thick skinned to not be embarrassed and laugh at yourself, hard for many to see themselves in the mirror 😉

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