Davidoneman, hope you enjoy your cruise! One thing you may want to check is the roll call section. Further down on the boards page are the roll calls, click Princess, then find Sapphire Princess, then find the cruise you are on. You can chat with others on the roll call. Sometimes they do a meet and greet or plan other things for the people who are on the board.

It's a nice way to get to know some of the folks. If they do a meet and greet, I'd suggest going. It gives you a chance to meet the other people you chat with on the boards.

I do have to put my vote in for you to leave the auto tip on, but that's up to you. My only other suggestion is to enjoy the experience, enjoy your ports of call, and try different foods. If you don't like something you can always get something to replace it. Not sure if you're doing traditional dining or anytime dining.

I'm excited for you on your first cruise, I do agree you may become hooked!

Counting down the days!
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