Jeans in Sette Mari & Lounges - What do you think?

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Washington State
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With more than one thread discussing the dress code on Regent, it seems that having one thread discussing this issue would enable Regent to read posts regarding this subject in one area.

What do you think? Are jeans and shorts appropriate on Regent when dining in CR, P-7, Signatures and Sette Mari in the evening?
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Tolerance and Patience are two things we all need..........
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I say no. Please, please uphold the elegant casual dress code. A lot of us love getting dressed for dinner (not formal but nice). I wonder what people are thinking who spend a lot of money for a lovely cruise and then want to wear jeans to dinner.
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Only before 6pm, this is a very slippery slope! Regent is a 6 Star line and before getting on a Regent ship you know the dress code ahead of time. Sail with another cruiseline if you don't want to put on a pair of slacks and a nice top....

Next thing we will call the dress code "Casual Friday's" NOT

IMHO my very short answer is NO!
Melbn, 'Straya
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I agree it's a slippery slope. People already push their luck (not sure if it's deliberate) and seem to get away with it sometimes. The Regent dress code is already pretty relaxed and easy to comply with compared to other lines but there is a bottom line and I don't think it's unreasonable to ask people to change out of their beachwear and/or jeans for dinner.
North By North West
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Originally posted by OrpingtonT
Also, no.
In addition, no!
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Goldfields, Australia.
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Originally posted by travelcat2
with more than one thread discussing the dress code on regent, it seems that having one thread discussing this issue would enable regent to read posts regarding this subject in one area.

What do you think? Are jeans and shorts appropriate on regent when dining in cr, p-7, signatures and sette mari in the evening?
no !!!!!!
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"I wonder what people are thinking who spend a lot of money for a lovely cruise and then want to wear jeans to dinner." I'm on holiday! Too much dressing up for work related events.

YES - for SM and lounges, which was the original question
Marco Island, FL
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Please no jeans. If you can't manage a pair of khakis or the like, perhaps you should pick another cruise line. Besides jeans take more space to pack than dress slacks. Besides I don't know of any country club that allows jeans either in the dining room or on the golf course.
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Columbus, OH
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Originally posted by Patti22
I wonder what people are thinking who spend a lot of money for a lovely cruise and then want to wear jeans to dinner.
I'm thinking... this is what I'm most comfortable in. I don't find dressing up to be "comfortable". Sure, it feels good to do it every once in a while but not every single night. I don't wear dressy clothing to work and neither does my husband so I don't own a wardrobe of fancy clothing. (He works in management for a major freight company and I work in IT).

But with that said, I am okay with following the dress code if I know that's what I signed up for. I just find it a bit silly not being able to dress nicely in my jeans and a comfortable shirt if I want to. But then my 16 year old seems a little perturbed (but never complains) when I tell him he can't wear a sleeveless shirt out to dinner.
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A cruise ship is a microcosm of the real world. NO jeans after 6pm does not reflect this. Relaxation should be part of the cruise experience - this does not mean I would want to wear beach wear to dinner, but I think Mark Conroy has the last word here in regards to certain parts of the ship and where it's OK to be a bit casuaL

This, however, needs to be made public on the Regent ships information pages.

My observation of his various interviews on Youtube would suggest he's a fairly laid back kinda guy. Is the definition of jeans bigger than the issue of well dressed versus shabby?
Toronto, Ottawa Valley ON, and Dunedin FL
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A hesitant NO (would love to wear nice jeans once in a while.)

But wasn't the issue just the first and last night dress code?
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I was seated in a lounge having a drink after an excursion (on the Navigator) and at 6:15 I was approached and asked to change for the evening. I was wearing jeans. I happen to love the fact that Regent enforces a dress code because it sets the tone for the evening. My jeans were not the type that I think Wendy is referring to, they were well worn Levis.

My concern would be if jeans are allowed, would people show up in Levi's? I don't think it would bother me if everyone showed up in tailored, dress jeans but I don't think that would be the case. How can they tell one passenger that his jeans are allowed and ask another to change? In fact, one gentleman was asked to change and the request resulted in an argument between him and a few staff members. I think the issue was whether or not they were "jeans". He did not change.

As far as shorts go, I don't think they belong at dinner. As I tell my children, "when it becomes too much trouble to put on a pair of pants, it is time to stop cruising".

To me, it is much simpler just to say, no jeans and no shorts.