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I love the library too and read a lot on cruises. With that said I do not use the library a lot, opting for reading on the outside decks on level 3 right outside of guest services and the excursions desk. I would not mind if they repurposed the rooms, maybe expanded them and made them into a lounge of sorts, with the option to buy drinks , like a wine bar . I know the breeze has wine dispensers in their library. Maybe if there were a library that was open to the outside with oversized chairs, hammocks, etc. a combination hangout place for times where you are not in the party mood but in relaxation mood. Add some glass walls of windows or something to open it up. I love libraries though, even on cruise ships.

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Originally posted by bakersdozen12
Uh, no it’s not. My husband and I use that space when we cruise, and we always see other people using it too. Just because you don’t use the space doesn’t mean it’s wasted.

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I agree. Folks attend A.A. meetings here too .
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Originally posted by OCruisers
It's a shame! Some still enjoy the libraries.
I definitely enjoy them, I read five books this cruise and didn't bring any with me!
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I just thought of something... on the fantasy class ships it’s where they have the chefs table... where would they move that?

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On our Breeze cruise our group spent a whole evening in the Library playing Cards Against Humanity. One of our best nights on the cruise. With the self serve wine dispensers, they can make money there as well. Add a self-serve beer station to provide more variety.
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the library-where my DH finds his quiet time, more so than a serenity deck that isn't serene when enough drinks are served. The library, where one can sit and play candyland while waiting to be buzzed in for your anytime dining. The library, where the chef's table is held, meet and greets meet, behind the fun tours start.

I have tried to get into the bars when they are closed in the day time, they are where they store the "art" for the art auctions-so that's a no. I am hoping they don't become another place to gather funds from the cruisers. I enjoy the space for what it is, a quiet place to watch the sea slide by.
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Originally posted by marshhawk
I am hoping they don't become another place to gather funds from the cruisers. I enjoy the space for what it is, a quiet place to watch the sea slide by.
I agree but I suspect Carnival wants to re-purpose the libraries as suites or sleeping cabins to drive revenue rather than as a public venue.
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Originally posted by sanmarcosman
I agree but I suspect Carnival wants to re-purpose the libraries as suites or sleeping cabins to drive revenue rather than as a public venue.
A suite next to the midship dining room?
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Since I bring my Kindle, I don't use any books from the library. My husband nor I are board game players so we don't do that, either. However, on some ships we've found the library to be a great alternative to a bar with regard to finding a place away from the crowd where we can sit and read or relax. If these areas are turned into crowd producers, that'll be too bad. I'll miss the libraries of old.
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When I go on a cruise I want to be outside enjoying the ocean not sitting in a room. I do my reading where I can hear the ocean and look up and stare at it for a few minutes. So losing the libraries is not a big deal for me.
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On all the cruises I have been on over the years, I think I have seen 2 people ever in them. I would think that these could be used for something better than a coffee shop. I mean I like coffee, but....
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Most major bookstores now have coffee bars and reading lounges. Repurposing the Library to keep the games and books while adding in the coffee bar would satisfy both the revenue generating element and those that enjoy that space. Of course, the space has to be large enough to begin with to handle it.
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I love reading but am not interested in reading in the library on the ship. I'd rather read while laying out on the serenity deck or something.
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Originally posted by fyree39
Since I bring my Kindle, I don't use any books from the library. My husband nor I are board game players so we don't do that, either. However, on some ships we've found the library to be a great alternative to a bar with regard to finding a place away from the crowd where we can sit and read or relax. If these areas are turned into crowd producers, that'll be too bad. I'll miss the libraries of old.
I bring my Kindle as well but, often use the library for a quiet place to read or play cards with DH. Shame it looks like it is on it's way out.
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I am a retired library director and bring our books on cruises from our local public library, so we do not use the ship libraries. However, I do notice many people of all ages using the libraries to play games, read, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Public libraries are more popular than ever with increasing usage statistics and only those who never enter them are the ones who say no one uses them. It would be a shame to lose the ship libraries as there are so few places onboard where people can go to relax in a quiet place outside of their cabins. Parents need to be encouraging their children to read books, not just play on computers.
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We may be in the minority but we've enjoyed the library on every ship we've been on. No, we don't spend hours there, but enjoy some time there. One of the nicest was on a HAL ship. I will mourn the loss.
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I would hate to see the libraries go...

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Originally posted by d-train
Aren't some libraries on a few ships now libraries/bars? Great place for a wine bar, with better quality wines than the typical...
Yes, Breeze, Vista, Sunshine and Horizon have "wine bars", or at least wine dispensers in the libraries. I think all have the automated wine dispenser, and a couple have a wine bar that is periodically staffed by a crew member.