"LIVE" from Allure of the Seas / May 22, 2011

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Originally posted by Pebbles468
We're planning on staying at the Renaissance in a few weeks... Is there a place nearby to pick up a case of water and restaurants within walking distance?
Yes, there is a walgreens across the street, many restaurants and such in walking distance as well.

There is also a Publix a few blocks away...walkable too...
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I've never been on this site before so reading all of this stuff is so new to me. I actually didn't know what a "Live" was but now I open this site everyday to read all the posts. I'm really looking forward to find out all about the Allure and the ports as I am taking this same cruise 12/15 and am so excited.

Thank you so much for doing this and I hope you have a fantastic trip.

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See I told you I didn't know anything about all of this - I actually thought he was on the Allure this week and was going to send pictures.

Thanks for letting me know this. Hopefully I will learn how to navigate around this site. I am just not really compute savvy - I know it's strange in this day and age but I guess I'm old school.