"LIVE" From Carnival Glory / June 14, 2010

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Hello everyone. . . .

Welcome to my “LIVE” Cruise Report from Carnival Glory. . . I am in Newark International Airport area for a Pre Cruise stay at the Country Inn and Suites.

This is a very nice hotel, with great service (and comfortable beds) I stay here often before I cruise from Cape Liberty or Manhattan.

I will be boarding Carnival Glory tomorrow morning, for a 5 Night itinerary to Canada. We will be visiting the ports of Saint John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
I went on the same cruise in the Summer of 2008 on Carnival Victory. I never thought that a Cruise to Canada would be something that I would like to do, but I am here to tell you that I loved the cruise to Canada. My "LIVE" from Carnival Victory report can be viewed on Cruise Critic HERE. I loved it so much that I made a Video that can be seen HERE.

I can’t wait to board Carnival Glory tomorrow.

Carnival Glory was recently dry docked in the Bahamas, and was received a multimillion dollar upgrade that included the New Carnival Seaside Theatre, 18 new Balconies, new Adults only (Serenity) area, new Circle C Facility, and new Dining enhancements.

It will be fun to try to see all of the areas that have been upgraded, and I will be taking photos of as many of them as I can.

Those who have “sailed” with me before know that my reports are a little different from other reports you may have viewed on Cruise Critic. My goal is to bring as much of the experience as I can to all Cruise Critic members. . . I will be posting daily comments about the ship, activities, public area, and ports. . .along with daily photos (usually about 12-15 per day) as long as my wireless connection can hold out. I was happy to hear that Bow to Stern Wi-FI was added during the recent dry dock.

This will be my 10th Cruise with CCL, and it seems that I am now a Platinum Member, and will be looking forward see what the differences are from my previous CCL Cruises.

Mrs Radio was unable to cruise with me this time, but my Brother was nice enough to join me for this Cruise, and this will be his first time to Canada. . .
His wife insisted that he brings back some authentic Canadian Maple Syrup!

I will be boarding Carnival Glory tomorrow morning at about 11AM at the Manhattan Cruise Pier (12th Ave and W 55th St.)

The traffic should not be too bad, as I will have missed the rush hour traffic. I hope to be posting once I arrive in my cabin (hopefully) between 1 and 2PM.

Sit back and relax. . . I am hoping for an enjoyable, relaxing, and fun cruise!

Thanks for tuning in!


Carnival Glory

Image Courtesy of Carnival Corporation

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We'll be driving down from MA tomorrow morning and arriving about the same time as you. This is our 3rd Canadian cruise and we also love the itinerary. So relaxing and we can really enjoy the ship. Love the bagpipe welcome in Canada. We were on the very rough CTN in November on the Dream from NYC and wish to erase that memory! Won't have access to your updates while we are at sea with you, but can't wait to compare notes with our impressions. Cheers!
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Hi Radio - I've been sooo waiting for this. Have a wonderful time and I look forward to your reports and photos. You do a super job. Have fun
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Our neighbors will be on this cruise tomorrow and we will be taking the same one on July 17. Can't wait for details. We're trying to decide on excursions now.
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We'll be leaving from Astoria about 10AM and taking the R train to Queens Plaza and transferring to the E to 50th Street, From there, either a bus ride or walk to the pier.

We'll be the two sweaty ones arriving a little after 11AM.
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Have fun and thanks for the review. We are hoping to do this cruise Oct./2011. We are from Can. but have not been to the east coast. Have a blast!
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Hi Radio,

I am looking forward to your review. I will be going on the Glory to Canada this Saturday June 19th. I am really interested in the MDR dinner menus so I can plan what night to go to the specialty restaurant.
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Hi Radio,

'll keep my eyes tuned in for your reports. Everyone Else, This is a great man both as a travelloing companion and a reviewer. If you've never read a "Live" report by Radio you are in for a treat.

P.S. Deb and Pete say HI.
Upstate NY
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Radio - really looking forward to your review. Glory has a few more bells and whistles than does Victory.

And yogimax - Get a cab! From speaking with my son on LI earlier today, I gather it's pretty humid downstate, just like it is here - I'd get a ride from 50th Street to the port.
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radio ill be lookin foward to your review! we will be on the glory on the 19th
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As we have also done the Victory trip (3x) I look forward to your reports....we are going in August!!
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How's the sail away party up there? Tropical drinks and reggae music?
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Originally posted by MedicKen
Hi Radio,

'll keep my eyes tuned in for your reports. Everyone Else, This is a great man both as a travelloing companion and a reviewer. If you've never read a "Live" report by Radio you are in for a treat.

P.S. Deb and Pete say HI.

Wow, Ken. . . Your check is in the mail !

You can make t from Pittsburgh to NYC is about 6 hrs. . .right?


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Radio--I have read your other "live from..." reviews & have visited your website. Thanks again for another live report!! Enjoy your cruise!
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We've sailed on Glory twice so I'll be looking forward to seeing what's new and improved. Hope you have a great cruise. And yes, Canadian maple syrup is yummy.
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We leave on the 24th for our 2nd cruise and 2nd trip to canada. We can't wait to read your posts!
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