"LIVE" from Grandeur of the Seas- Bermuda / Nov 1, 2013

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Hello everyone. . . . I will once again be heading down to Cruise Maryland tomorrow (at the Port of Baltimore) to board the beautiful Grandeur of the Seas for a 7 night sailing to Bermuda.

I recently returned from a 6 night Grandeur / Bermuda trip for Aug/Sept 2013 and I was considering not posting “LIVE” since it is the same ship and itinerary. But then I thought that I really love to post. It is a like a journal to me. . .I can’t remember what I did yesterday. . . or last week. I often go back to re read my “LIVE” posts for schedules, arrival times etc. . .

So I will be posting “LIVE” daily with photos and comments about the public areas, cabins, and beautiful Bermuda. Grandeur will be having an extra Sea Day on the return home, so that will extend our 3rd day (Tuesday) in Bermuda by 6 hours. We will be scheduled to leave at 6PM instead of Noon.

The forecast for sail away is mild (74F), but we may have a few showers in the morning. If it rains I am sure that the sail away festivities will be held inside, but who knows how the weather will be as I have often posted the forecast but have been incorrect. We are scheduled for Sail away at 4PM, and I will be out and about with a hot coffee.

My last sailing with Grandeur of the Seas was wonderful with perfect weather. That “LIVE” post can be viewed HERE.

When I was there last, I wanted to make it over to St. George’s on the East side, but t didn’t work out. I never really have finalized plans for any cruise, but I am thinking maybe heading over to Hamilton, or the Ordnance Island and Pennos Wharf Passenger terminals.

This will be the last sailing for Grandeur to Bermuda for 2013. Grandeur usually shares the Dockyard with another ship throughout the season, but we will be the only ship there for our sailing. Sun Princess will arrive for the day on Wednesday on her last port of call during her Transatlantic cruise to Fort Lauderdale. . .

I will be sailing solo for this trip, but there are many Cruise Critic friends that will be on board for this sailing. I am hoping for a relaxing cruise, and a valid wireless connection, (Keep your fingers crossed). Have a cup of Coffee, relax and welcome aboard !


Grandeur of the Seas at Cruise Maryland

Great Gatsby Dining Room

A view from the (FWD) Promenade Porthole in Bermuda (Sep 2013)

Grandeur of the Seas Centrum “WOW” in Sep 2013

The Sea is Calling . . . I need to be recharged . . .

Our itinerary. . .

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Looking forward to your live posts to help get me to my cruise on Grandeur in 3 weeks. Wishing calm seas for your trip.
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Lee's Army
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Looking forward to your live updates. You always do such a great job.
Hope the seas are calm and the weather is sunny and warm.
Enjoy your cruise.

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Loved Bermuda and look forward to reading your review. Happy sailing!
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Thanks for all of your posts. It has always been great reading & seeing of the information. We will be on the Grandeur in 3 weeks, so we are excited to read all of your posts.

Joe & Sally
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Looking forward to this one as much as the previous ones - so glad you decided to post live

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Wow how time flies! Seems you were just on Grandeur. Looking forward to your "LIVE". We were in Bermuda last year at this time on Explorer. We sailed through Sandy. Looks like your weather is going to be much nicer! We did have beautiful weather in Bermuda! Happy sailing!
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We will be getting on the Grandeur Nov. 8 as you are getting off. Thanks so much for doing this. Your live reviews are very special. One of these days we will be on the same ship at the same time. Until then, we owe you a drink.

Bon Voyage!
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Have fun Mark. I'll follow along until we leave on Explore Sunday
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Will follow along as long as I can until my own thread starts! ROFL.
Have a super time!
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I am also looking forward to your next review. We will be sailing her 10 day Eastern Caribbean in December for the first time.

I am wondering about shade in the Solarium. Would you take a look and comment on the availability of shade there? Looking for loungers not just the table and chairs that are usually plentiful on ships. Thanks. I can't soak in the sun!

Enjoy your cruise!
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Originally posted by MedicKen
Looking forward to sailing on this fine ship with you and our friends.

See you in the morning.
me tooooooo

Sent from my Galaxy S3, somewhere in the galaxy
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Wahoo! It's always great to sail along with you "Live" Radio! Thanks for bringing us along!

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Wooo hooo, just in time! We need a cruise...sitting here playing nurse to DH after surgery.

Subscribed and ready to go!!!

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Hurray!!! Another LIVE broadcast, love it. Thanks for taking your time to do this for the rest of us who are stuck at home or work or anywhere but on a ship.
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Subscribed and ready to follow along - have a SUPER cruise!
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Can't wait to hear about this fabulous week....and you have some great buddies sailing along too....

It's coffee time for sure....

Ken and Meg have a wonderful time....
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Love following your live posts. Won't be able to follow this post as I will be on board with you. Allll right!
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