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Celebrity Press Release (9/20/19) New Ad Campaign: 'Wonder Awaits"


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I am thinking about writing this post -tongue in cheek 😉 My wonderings are based on the recent  changes made on some Celebrity ships .

I wonder about lack of  footstools,but I have read here on CC that they will return in several months -

I wonder if the coffee tables will return -

I wonder if we can enjoy breakfast again on the balcony- 

I wonder if comfortable furniture will replace the new on balconies- 

I wonder if more shade will be added to outdoor decks,especially the Sunset Bar area-

I wonder if  Celebrity will decide on their passenger focus, wether it is  the Babyboomers or the Millennials - 

I wonder if we will be inclined to book another Celebrity cruise-

Just MHO and two cents !

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Great ad. Great song. Geared to boomers or their adult children. Loved the ending.

Much better than a former Crystal ad with a woman in a ballgown  sitting in a tree, whcih made no sense.



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6 hours ago, Andy said:


Thanks very much for your kind words Hcat !


It's been a very challenging few months. Had a wonderful Social Media project in deep discussions, and was fairly certain it was going to happen. Out of the blue, it fell apart earlier this week. While I'm extremely disappointed, I must move on. One thing I've learned from personal experiences, is that when something doesn't happen, it seriously hurts for a little while... but, it usually opens the door for something MUCH better. We'll see !


I've also been writing a book about Cruising and, in part, my experiences and passion for Social Media. Unsure if it will ever get it published, but only time will tell.


In the meantime, I will try to be here as much as possible, and I'm thrilled to be back. Sad to see this forum so quiet. Hopefully, we can all change that.

We will be first in line for that book....you  are always  right on !

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5 hours ago, SharonK said:

Interesting selection of sic for the ad - a song with drug references. I personally don’t care for it.  And I agree that this ad only represents the Edge class ships.


It is a very visually appealing ad.  For those who are new to the music,  no doubt that  it is a  hippie throw back drug song ...".feed your head."   Even  has the herb visuals.( And don't forget the EDEN  incense)


When they do one with Purple Haze, we'll be watching the Kool Aid.!


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9 hours ago, vtcruising said:

The ad appeals to me because of the music, which evokes nostalgia, and having sailed the Edge, it matches my feelings for the Edge with its unique and often whimsical design, art and entertainment. I'm probably not in the group they are targeting, but if I hadn't sailed on Celebrity, I would be tempted to book.


That said, as someone on the other thread said, if I booked another X ship , such as the Infinity, after seeing this ad (and might because of pricing), I would be quite surprised (and likely disappointed, if I had been expecting an edgy experience). BTW, I have sailed the Infinity a few times and enjoy the ship, but I know what to expect.

Maybe the next ad will be “Knights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues.

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21 minutes ago, Oville said:

Maybe the next ad will be “Knights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues.

Now I have visions of knights in chain mail dancing around. You know it’s nights right?  Would be super appropriate when leaving Malta  😂

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I showed it to my DH this morning.  I thought would ridicule it, but he couldn't take his eyes off the commercial and watched the whole thing. He really liked it (of course he is a Grace Slick fan so that helped). Mixing that iconic song with some of our favorite spaces on the Edge drew us both in. I think it will be a winner - unfortunately the demand it may generate will keep the prices up...

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The video is only part of the ad campaign - I found some of the ads that we will be seeing in print. They are quite brilliant, IMO.


Feast on the extraordinary (this looks like seafood feast in FCSH in the private dining room)


RAW wonder.pdf


Lose yourself in wondrous spaces (Avalon, or the Magic Forrest)


AVALON x.pdf


Retreat to your own paradise (Edge Villa private plunge pool)



Light up the night (Grand Plaza Martini Bar)


Grand Plazax.pdf


Fly across the ocean (no explanation necessary 🙂)


MAGIC night wonder.pdf




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