"LIVE" from Celebrity Silhouette - March 29, 2012

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Hello everyone. . . I am very happy to say that tomorrow I will be driving to Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, NJ for a 12 Night sailing onboard Celebrity Silhouette.

It has been a couple of years since I sailed with Celebrity (Mercury –Jan 2010). I have read some excellent review about the Silhouette, and will be able to experience her first hand over the next 12 nights.
My last “LIVE” report from Mercury can be found HERE

I do “LIVE” posts most often over on the Royal Caribbean boards, so many of you may not be aware of my style of reporting. . . I will provide daily comments and trip reports of my day to day “Ship Life” over the next several days.

I will also post "LIVE" pics daily (as long as I am able to maintain a valid wireless connection) of the Ship and public rooms. I will try to show a few photos from each of the port days (M-F). During this trip we will have 3 days at sea on our way to the Caribbean, but Monday through Friday we will visit a different port each day.(Saint Thomas-USVI, St Kitts, St John, St Lucia, and St Maarten) We will then spend 3 days more at sea while we head back to Cape Liberty.

Celebrity Silhouette was launched in the summer of 2011 and has been sailing from Cape Liberty for several months, but in April she will do a transatlantic cruise to Italy where she will home port through December when she sails back to Fort Lauderdale for the winter.

The forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy, with a high of 56F. The temperature should increase daily for the next several days while we approach the Caribbean. . .

I plan to arrive in Bayonne by around 11AM tomorrow morning and I should be boarding before noon. I will be like a kid in a candy store, as I am very excited to sail this new class of ship.

This should be a fun cruise, so sit back have a cup of coffee (I will be consuming a little Starbucks myself), and join me for a fun and relaxing cruise aboard Celebrity Silhouette.

Thanks for tuning in !


Celebrity Silhouette

This photo was taken by me while in St Maarten on Explorer of the Seas in Nov 2011


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Just love LIVE reports from Radio!!! Hot dog, this is going to be fun! Can't wait. It was your Live report from the Celebrity Mercury that enticed me to book her again for my Dec 2010 cruise. Thanks for that!
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Can't wait Radio! Love your reports and they help tide me over til I can sail again! Thanks so much for making the effort you do, and I hope you have smooth sailing!
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I was on a Ship Tour in February and Silhouette is truly a beautiful ship. There are lots of special little places to relax, and I am just thinking....you might pop into the iLounge to check it out too! Enjoy.
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Looking forward to your LIVE report, Mark! Happy sailing!
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Hi Radio,

Looking forward to your live reports. We sail on her in June. So excited.
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You know it's bad when you make a mental note that Radio is going on a cruise end of March so look for his LIVE thread. For the life of me I couldn't find it. I've been "casually" searching for the last few days. Today I couldn't take it so I had to find my subscriptions, view all, find Radios last LIVE report, click, then click on his name to find all of his threads and FINALLY found this thread.

Looks like he just started today! LOL!! That's why I couldn't find it. But I would have never thought to look in Celebrity's folder. I was having a panic attack. LOL!!!

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Oh I'm SO excited.....it's finally here! I knew I had to look today for the beginning of the next live thread - highlight of my day!

Have a WONDERFUL cruise and thanks in advance for taking us all along with you. You have such a following, LOL!

Buffett fan (aka Ginger)
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Yeah, another Radio thread! Love your reports.

If you get a chance, can you check out the balcony furniture? There have been conflicting reports about loungers being removed from balconies that previously had them, although this seems to be an issue mostly on M class ships.

Looking forward to sailing along vicariously.
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Been waiting for this! I'll tell my husband to wave at you on his SI Ferry ride home tomorrow afternoon. Have a great trip!
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Got the cuppa already and am waiting patiently for tomorrow morning and -our boarding time:>) Have a wonderful cruise, Mark. Bon Voyage
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Thank you so much for doing yet another live review. I have never sailed Celebrity before but am thinking that maybe this would be a nice change for just the hubby and I when the children are not with us. Have an awesome cruise!!
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Can't wait! Thanks AGAIN for doing this!
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Tuning in!

Have a great cruise!!!
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Yay!!! Love your Live From threads Radio
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on the couch with crutches, perfect way to pass the time
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Hurray, I will be on the Silhouette on 04/22/12, so this first hand information will be invaluable.

Can you check out and find out who the bartenders are in the Martini Bar (my favorite place)