Crystal Light Powder Packets

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I do that every time. I travel with it in the plastic container and I also keep my Stevia packets in there with them. Hardly ever use them though. I bring them to drink with my mini bar setup and I don't think I even use them this time. I also sometimes travel with powdered creamer and that hasn't been a problem. I was actually worried about that it was a white powder and my container was already open but it's been a non-issue. I found that anything that's not on the banned list is no problem. This last cruise we Croton coconut milk, the Crystal Light, Red Bull and half of a pizza from a restaurant in Port LOL

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Wow, thought we were the only ones. We cruise for 30-35 days and actually bring a Tupperware pitcher and about 50 crystal lights and a spoon. This is what hubby drinks in the room during the day after head and neck cancer needing lots of liquid all the time. Now I don't feel bad all the things we bring!!
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Originally posted by tawlaw1526
I have bottled water ordered to be delivered to my cabin on my upcoming Regal cruise and I enjoy adding Crystal Light flavors to my water. I wondered if anyone has ever traveled with Crystal Light Drink Powder Packets? I want to bring the little powder sleeves that are the perfect mix for the 16.9 bottles of water. I am wondering if it's a bad idea to fly with Crystal Light Powder in my checked bag and then go through ship security. I certainly don't need flavored water bad enough to have security issues. Does anyone know if you can buy it on the ship? I never thought to look for it on past cruises. This is the first time I ordered the bottles of water. Thank you in advance for your comments.
I bring a baggy full of the Crystal Light powder drinks. I like the fruit punch flavor. I've had people stop and ask me what I was drinking, waiters have asked too. You will have no problem getting your Crystal Lights to the ship.

We also bring 6 small cans of D'Vita Cappuccino powder mix. We like it in our coffee in the morning. Saves purchasing it on board.
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With diabetics among our group, we always bring many things like this...sugarfree drink packets, sugarfree french vanilla coffee creamer, Sugarfree SwissMiss hot choc. mix...and Stevia. It hasn't been that long ago when the only sweetners Princess had was Equal or SweetNLow and we brought our own Splenda. (before the days of Stevia) We've never had a problem with any of these things - either with flying or security on the ship....
I flew with powdered laundry detergent....for years. Now I bring the little pods, but have to pack them in small plastic 'boxes' (from Dollar Tree) to keep them from being punctured....
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I use the liquid version on cruises all the time. Mixed with club soda and a splash of vodka, makes a wonderful low calorie adult beverage. Otherwise, the syrups used in most cocktails kills my calorie count for the day.

As others have said, using powdered form should be even less of an issue