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Tuesday November 21st, 2023 -- The Fleet Report and Daily


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Today is National Gingerbread Cookie Day, World Television Day, and Odd Socks Day

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

Meal Suggestion for today - Apple Cider Chicken with Butternut Squash
Drink of the Day - Toki Highball
Wine of the Day - 2020 Dave Harvey GSM Walla Walla
Destination of the Day - Ashdod, Jerusalem, Israel

Today in History:
1905 1st match ever played in the Australian National Tennis Championships

Ship Locations


Philipsburg St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles 08:00 - 17:00


San Francisco, California 18:00 - 22 Nov 20:00

Nieuw Amsterdam

San Juan, PR 10:00 - 19:00

Nieuw Statendam

Dry Dock - Palermo, Italy 00:00 - 23:59


Amador, Panama


At Sea Montego Bay, Jamacia eta 11-23


At Sea Destination San Diego, California eta 11-22


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 10:00 - 22 Nov 18:00


Maputo, Mozambique 08:00 - 16:00

Eastern Hemisphere


Wellington, New Zealand 07:00 - 16:00


Laem Chabang, Bangkok, Thailand 07:00 - 23 Nov 01:00



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Today’s Care List:

Cruising sister’s great niece Murphy post-surgery, weaning CPAP

Cruising sister’s hand surgery for trigger finger today

Lady Hudson’s DH Bill with urinary tract issues

Haljo1935 with gastro issue and her DH with bronchitis

JazzyV with right leg pain, tingling and numbness

RIP Rosalynn Carter


Recovery from Wildfires in Maui, Canadian/US wildfires

Citizens of Ukraine, Israel and Gaza

All Dailyites going through worries and stress, whether mentioned or not


From the Rotation:

Marshhawk with pulmonary issues during/following her cruise

RMLincoln’s niece with high risk pregnancy and breech baby

57redbird with back/leg pain despite epidural shot


Celebrations and Shoutouts:

Cruising sister’s great niece Murphy extubated, weaning CPAP & can be held!

RMLincoln now at her new home/community in NJ

Quartzsite Cruiser (and Steve) taking the new motorhome to Quartzsite


The Daily Gardening Club posting wonderful flower pictures

All the contributors to the Fleet Report/Daily


Upcoming Cruises or At Sea:

1 day for Nickelpenny (Volendam Nov 22 to Dec 10) Circle Hawaii

3 days for Himself (Rotterdam Nov 24 to Dec 3) Southern Caribbean Seafarer

3 days for Niagarawine (Rotterdam Nov 24 to Dec 3) Southern Caribbean Seafarer

3 days for Seasick Sailor (Rotterdam Nov 24 to Jan 14)51d B2B2B2B2B Southern Caribbean seafarer/PC Sunfarer (21n) + Eastern/Western Caribbean (14n) + Tropical/Southern Caribbean Seafarer (16n)

4 days for Av8rix (Koningsdam Nov 25 to Jan 6) 10n Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez + 11n Mexican Riviera & Sea of Cortez + 5n Mexico + 16n Circle Hawaii Holiday

5 days for Haljo1935 (Nieuw Statendam Nov 26 to Dec 10) 14n Passage to America, celebrating tk cruiser’s birthday onboard


Lindaler (Volendam to Nov 22, Tales of the South Pacific), Rafinmd (Rotterdam to Nov 24, Panama Canal Sunfarer), GTVCruiser (Koningsdam to Nov 25, B2B, Mexican Riviera & Classic Pacific Thanksgiving Coastal), Cruise Suzy (Eurodam to Nov 29, Southern Caribbean Wayfarer), arzz (Seabourn Sojourn to Dec 1, Leeward Island Jewels), Cruzin Terri (Oceania Vista to Dec 1, Caribbean Wanderlust Miami to Miami) and Norseh2o (Oceania Marina to Dec 3, B2B, Barcelona to Lisbon, Lisbon to Miami)

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Thank you for today's daily reports Rich.

Gingerbread cookies are nice.

Where would we be without television.

I don't think I have ever worn odd socks.

True quote.

Interesting food.

I had chicken for dinner last night.

Prayers 🙏 for everyone who need them.

I hope everyone is safe and well and y'all have a great day.



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12 minutes ago, grapau27 said:

Thank you for today's daily reports Rich.

Gingerbread cookies are nice.

Where would we be without television.

I don't think I have ever worn odd socks.

True quote.

Interesting food.

I had chicken for dinner last night.

Prayers 🙏 for everyone who need them.

I hope everyone is safe and well and y'all have a great day.



Now that’s a good meal for a patient with heart issues.👏🏻

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Good Morning, thanks for today’s daily fleet report.  It’s a cold start to the day.  No snow here but the forecast has it closer to home than I’d like.  Today we don’t have to go into the office so I’ll stay home, the day is full of meetings.  I’ll pass on today’s meal suggestion and we will have some leftovers.  I’m trying to make space in the freezer to accommodate my shopping spree at Shady Maple this Saturday.  I hope everyone has a good day today.


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Good morning friends!  We are under the rain clouds today with a temp right now of 59 and a high of about 67.  Unfortunately rain most of the day.  Thank you Rich @richwmn for today's Fleet Report and Daily.


Oh boy, Gingerbread Cookie Day!  Sounds like the holidays are really coming up quickly here.  I'm a fan of World Television Day because I have it on in the background most of the time.  Odd Socks Day is hardly something to celebrate.  For some reason we don't lose socks here for which we're grateful and we don't wear odd looking ones either.  The quote is an honest one from Confucius.  Apple cider and butternut squash all in one recipe?  Debbie can sell that one to us.  No thank you to the highball and I have no idea what the wine is today.  Congrats to the Australian National Tennis Championships for their anniversary today.  Thanks to our friends Debbie @dfish, Dixie @summer slope, and Ann @cat shepard for their reports today.


Prayers for all on the Daily Care list and it seems to be growing!  I've said my prayers for everyone on the list and some who don't wish to be on it, my DB and friends with health problems, and the people in Israel and Ukraine as well as the hostages.  I shut down the computer earlier than usual last night to read my book and see Lenda @Quartzsite Cruiser injured herself.  I hope she and all the others in pain can feel better today.  I'm happy to see the list of cruisers and the folks celebrating happy events is long these days.  Wishing you smooth seas and exciting ports of call cruisers!   Also wishing for a quick repair to Bruce's @aliaschiefknee so he and Sue can enjoy their World Cruise.  Thank you Vanessa @JazzyV for the great job keeping the lists for us even through your pain and lack of sleep. 


Yesterday I texted DS and asked when his flight was and he told me they had just landed in Detroit.  He said they went to the airport early and were able to fly standby on the earlier flight from Dallas, and that there was no one at security so they just breezed through.  I'm amazed at no lines at security and there were actually two seats available on a plane a few days before Thanksgiving!  He is one lucky guy.🙂


The port for today is Ashdod (Jerusalem), Israel.  This was our port on April 29, 2021 and October 25, 2022.  We have been there once and booked a cruise in 2024 to return there.  However it was recently removed from the itinerary due to the troubles there unfortunately.  Just yesterday my tours in Israel were removed by HAL and the funds returned.  We were going back to Jerusalem in fact.  I will post the links to the former dates for your convenience, and post my own photos later since I have to go retrieve my photos from my Shutterfly account.  They've disappeared from the former posts.  Here you are:






Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  Safe travels and stay well!

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Good morning.  Thanks for the Report.

We were out of town visiting with my mom for a couple of days.  Hubby got together with several friends at a sports bar to watch the Grey Cup game and socialize.  Yesterday I took mom shopping, we didn't get back home until late yesterday afternoon.  She enjoyed seeing us.  Bertie enjoyed chasing squirrels in her backyard.


Not a fan of gingerbread cookies, I love TV (too much probably) and I try not to wear odd socks.

Interesting quote.

The chicken sounds good, but I'm not a fan of butternut squash so maybe I'll leave that out.  I hope the drink and wine are tasty.

I've never been to today's port.

Prayers for everyone on the Care List.  Cheers for all the celebrations.

Have a great day.

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Good morning everyone. Up early as I have to leave at 6:45 for my MRI to see how that possible torn meniscus looks. 
I do not believe any of us will be cruising to today’s port of call in Israel. We on the World Cruise have still not been notified of any changes whereas most lines have cancelled through 2025. News flash just stated Hamas cease fire release of some hostages may be in final stages.🙏

The rain is coming and some areas more likely West of us may be in store for some rough weather. Already 72 degrees and with rain will give myself extra driving time.

Thanks for the report and kind thoughts and wishes from yesterday’s Daily. Bruce




Edited by aliaschief
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I went to Ashdod in 2014 on our Holy Land cruise on the Prinsendam.  It was our first voyage on Holland America and it was Black Sea and Holy Land B2B.  We were originally booked on the Ocean Princess to go to the Black Sea and the Holy Land but due to political unrest that year Princess cancelled Egypt ports and most of the Black Sea ports and just substituted Greek Isles ports instead.  So we cancelled them and took a chance on the Prinsendam, and loved it!


In Ashdod on October 26, 2014 we immediately left the port for our drive to Jerusalem.  I only have a few photos around the ship of the tugs, etc.  However the countryside of Israel is very nice.

Arriving at an overlook of the city of Jerusalem we stopped to listen to our guide and take in the view.





According to my notes we next stopped at the Church of All Nations, also known as the Basilica of the Agony.  It's a Roman Catholic church located on the Mount of Olives next to the Garden of Gethsemane.



The church has beautiful murals on its facade.



The olive trees in the Garden of Gethsemane are many hundreds of years old.





Seen off to the side and on the hillside slightly above the Basilica of the Agony, is the Church of St. Mary Magdalene.  This is one of Jerusalem's most picturesque sights due to its seven gilded onion domes, each topped by a tall Russian Orthodox cross.



Interior of the Basilica including the high altar overlooking a large slab of rock, which is said to be the very rock on which Jesus prayed in agony on the night of his betrayal.



I borrowed this photo of the rock because mine was blurry.



We got on the bus to move on to view the Catholic Cemetery, but I got this photo of the Basilica and the Church of St. Mary Magdalene from the road next to the cemetery.  Gives you a good perspective.  Taken through the bus window though.



The Catholic Cemetery



And here is the Tower of David, Jerusalem's citadel, located near the Jaffa Gate on the western side of the old city wall.



The visit is far from over so I will break this up into two posts. 


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Toki Highball cocktail:


Suntory Whisky Toki® was made to mix with soda water. For as simple as this cocktail is, you'll be surprised by the complexity of the flavors. Soda water brings out the fresh, crisp notes of the whisky for a refreshing cocktail that pairs with any meal.
1 part Suntory® Whisky Toki
3 parts Chilled Fever-Tree Club Soda
Garnish: Grapefruit Peel
Fill a highball glass to the brim with ice. Add Suntory Whisky Toki® and soda water. Stir and garnish with a grapefruit peel.


Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 7.18.23 AM.png

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Continuing in Jerusalem, we got off the bus and walked through the Jaffa Gate, walking past stalls and shops.00-krGnVk_TmW1vjXOSXmrbNCgtIzRKIF36hrdhG


Entrance to a convent.



Very well worn stone pathways.



There was a huge gift shop we were allowed to look around in for some time but I stayed outside most of the time taking photos of fountains and small stalls.  From there we walked to the Holy Sepulchre Church which is believed to be the site where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried.





Inside the Church we saw the Crucifixion Altar



and the Tomb of Jesus



We continued on with the tour for several more hours and I have a lot more photos but wanted to cut to the end where we went to the Wailing Wall (also known as the Western Wall).



The area was divided with women on one half and men on the other.



From there we walked back through a different gate to our bus and the drive back to our new home away from home, the Prinsendam.  There really is too much to see and learn about on these tours so it is somewhere we should try to visit again.  It was the same way in Haifa when we went to Nazareth and the Jordan River.  I recommend a Holy Land cruise to everyone. 


Note:  the above comment was made by me in 2021 and it seems it will be a long time before we can go back.  My cruise there late in 2024 has cancelled Israeli ports, so we must wait, it seems.

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Thank you for today’s FR & D, Rich! Odd Socks Day?🤔 Yesterday was another perfect weather day. Today is a bit cloudy but much warmer. 

Vanessa, thank you for keeping up with our happenings. Praying that you and all the Dailyites suffering from debilitating pain find permanent relief - soon. 

Gym, Bindi walks, a visit to the HOA, and chores. I might even wash my car. It has spent a few hours near the ocean & it shows.  Should keep me busy. 








Prayers for all who need our support. 

Cheers to all who are celebrating! @smitty34877Terry hope you are enjoying yourself!


May we each find a reason to smile today. 




2020 Dave Harvey GSMmm Walla Walla

Note the additional “mm”s in this GSM. It is intentional. This is another Naked wine and red blend lovers who are members or know a member might just want try this one. It can be yours for $15.99.

Distributor notes 

Ripe, juicy Syrah from your champion of Washington reds

This rich red blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre packs a ripe punch of blackberries and blueberries that ride a smooth, juicy texture into a soft, lingering finish. 

With a winemaker this adventurous, this big, brooding red is anything but your standard Syrah. Sip through to try and spot the extra mmm’s (Merlot and Malbec) that give this red its layers of complexity and elegance.

Wines this unique wouldn’t exist without the support of Angels like you. Your funding helps Dave make his dream wines, and you get to taste the delicious rewards. GS”Mmm” indeed!
This GSM is delicious now and will keep aging well for up to 5 years.
Decant this red after opening and give it about 30 minutes or so to open up.
Montana-raised lamb chops marinated in garlic rosemary and oregano would be the perfect match. 


Edited by cat shepard
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Time for me to post Lenda's @Quartzsite Cruiser's photos of Ashdod.  Here you are!


We have been to Ashdod on the Prinsendam in 2017, and spent two days there since our call to Egypt was cancelled.  Our taxi drive from the day in Haifa, met us at the shuttle drop-off and we spent the day seeing Masada, and Jerusalem.  On our way to Masada, we stopped at an overlook for a view of the Judean Desert.  You can catch a glimpse of the Dead Sea in the upper right hand corner of the second picture.





Our next stop was Masada.  The picture shows people walking up the Snake Path.  We took the gondola up and down.



A couple of views of Masada and the Dead Sea.





Jerusalem was not on the day's itinerary, but we were ready to leave Masada about noon, so talked our driver into taking us to Jerusalem also.  He was not happy as that meant driving through Palestinian territory.  Once in the walled city, he rushed us through there, hitting a few of the high spots including the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Western Wall.  I spent more time trying to keep up and watch my footing, so there aren't too many pictures of the different quarters.  Our driver and DH went to the wall, but I waited at the barrier overlooking the Wailing Wall so I could get a picture of them.  Just before they reached the wall, a man very rudely and loudly ordered me away.   

I would like to go back one day, and have a little more time walking through the old city.


Jerusalem from the viewpoint above the cemetery.





The street from the parking garage to the Jaffa Gate.



Another view of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher which was very crowded.  The wait to enter the tomb was an hour.



One of the many narrow streets.



The Western Wall and the Old City



On the way out of the Old City, our driver spotted the Israeli President's car and wanted DH to take his picture beside it.  I also got a picture of our driver and the car.



Just a couple of pictures of Jerusalem as we headed back to the Prinsendam.  The traffic was horrific that day as it was the opening of the Knesset.






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More photos from Lenda's @Quartzsite Cruiser second visit to Ashdod.


The second day we were docked in Ashdod, we talked about finding a taxi to take us to Bethlehem, but after two long days spent in a taxi, we decided against going.  Along with another couple, we found a taxi in the port to take us to Jaffa and Tel Aviv.


If we're lucky enough to return to Ashdod, I want to find someone to take us to Bethlehem and Jerusalem for a slower walk in the Old City.


Jaffa is the ancient port for Jerusalem.  It is a town we really enjoyed









Looking from Jaffa toward Tel Aviv.DSC01989.thumb.JPG.6cdcf262c93211692160867966f12e3f.JPG


Our driver dropped us off at seaside promenade in Tel Aviv.



After a short time along the sea, our next stop was a mall in downtown Tel Aviv, and we had an hour or so to wander around.  I'll confess we spent most of our time in the mall where we shared a pizza.





A couple of street scenes in Tel Aviv taken from the car as we headed back to the Prinsendam.






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Many years ago, when you could go up to the gate to meet people our DD was returning from out of state at Christmas.  I told her I would meet her at the gate with bells on.  As an Elementary teacher I had many socks with bells.  She was not thrilled to see and hear me dancing as she got off the plane.  LOL

Edited by summer slope
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Good Tuesday morning. Thanks for the Daily and Fleet reports. 

Chilly day. Expecting a lot of rain which is very much needed. 

The meal of the day sounds delicious. I will try the drink of the day. 

Today I have a nice long massage scheduled and then I will come home to some chores. Not seeing clients this week and finishing up grading for a class. Pretty easy week. 

Thinking of all on the care list. 

Celebrating with all who are celebrating. 

Have a safe and healthy day. 


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Good morning. It is 18 degrees going up to 30 later. I have been bundled up to take the puppy out as he came home last night. He was able to eat a little chicken and rice last night and this morning. He is such a seer boy and I hope there are no complications. The kids just left for school and the parents for work so Pippin and I have a quiet day ahead of us.

We make a Swedish Christmas cookie called pepparkarka that is similar to gingerbread but better but that will be in a few weeks. I have not been to the port and the recipe sounds good.

@Quartzsite Cruiser, Lenda,

I am so sorry you hurt your poor head yesterday and that the roads were so bumpy. Take care today.

@aliaschief, I hope the MRI goes well and that the knee situation can be taken care of.

Have a great day today 

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Thanks for our Tuesday Daily, Rich.

& thanks Ann, Vanessa, Debbie & Dixie.


good collection of days - Gingerbread is so applicable for the holidays and the house would be deadly quiet without the sound of the TV (even if I’m not watching it LOL).  I was raised in a home with 9 people so used to hearing something in the background.  So, it’s TV, radio or music.




There’s some truth to that quote of Confucius.   The meal sounds really interesting - looking forward to Debbie’s recipes.  DD DH and were fortunate to be Ashdod and many spots in Israel.  It was absolutely magical as we walked through history.  Finding a safe time to visit is tricky and we were very thankful we were able to do so.




Yard leaves are done - yay 👍. Just the gardens left and they will get done later this week.  


My plans for today went down the tubes this morning.  the appliance gremlin has struck (again).  I put my hand and coffee cup on the glass top of the oven and it was still hot!  Oven had not turned off even though it was off.  I have it off now but there is obviously something very wrong with the control board and in view of the stove’s age, I fear the best thing to do is to replace it 😢  Timing couldn’t be worse but it is what it is.




Donation day is tomorrow so that has to be my first priority to get finished and arranged for pick up.


@Quartzsite Cruiser I’m glad to hear your injury doesn’t seem too serious 👍 


@aliaschief Best wishes for your MRI today, Bruce.


Prayers for those on the Care list, those suffering losses, health issues, pain, worries & those that need them 🙏. Cheers to those celebrating and cruising 🥂 




Have a good Tuesday everyone.

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Good Morning to All and thanks for the daily and fleet reports.  I have never been a fan of gingerbread cookies, I also keep the tv on in the background and when I sleep (I like noise), and love odd socks.  My fav is one that has a giraffe on them; they go up to below the knees.  Confucius was wise.  Not sure about the meal or drink, I do like WA's wines, and I have never been to Israel.  Wow, over 100 years of Aussie tennis!!


It is windy here and a tad cool.  56F with winds occasionally predicted to get up to 20mph.  Only up to 70F today - Brrrrr!!!  Got up and put a log in the fireplace.  @Quartzsite Cruiser be careful driving in the wind.  Also, I10 through Tucson is under construction past Prince Road (I think it is) and it weaves back and forth.  Safe travels!!  (and you can still put ice on your head if it is swollen).


Never seem to remember names (edited to add  @aliaschief I saw it on the posts I just read!!  LOL!!) but good luck on the MRI for the torn meniscus.  As someone who has surgery for that on both knees, it sure helps!!


Only 2 things to get done today - mani/pedi and pick up the rental car.  I don't know why I am so excited for this cruise - more than others I have taken.  I will leave early, early Wed morning as it is only about a 6 hour drive.  I want to get there by ~0930 and hopefully I will be able to drop my luggage off.  We will see.  I am supposed to have the car at the rental place by 1000 and I will see if I can make it 1200 without paying more or at least a small amount. Oh, decisions, decisions!!


Cautiously optimistic on a deal in the conflict.  Thoughts for the entire world and those on the care list.  Cheers to those celebrating!!  Have a great day everyone!!




Edited by Nickelpenny
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This is what I thought of when I read “Odd Sock Day.”IMG_8620.jpeg.0396858d150724c8d4bd82e0536acd7c.jpeg


It was actually initiated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance in the United Kingdom to stop bullying and create a safer environments for young people. The campaign uses the playful act of wearing odd socks to send a serious message about accepting and celebrating differences. Odd Socks Day is typically observed on the second Monday in November each year. In 2023, it fell on November 13th. It was a day when schools, workplaces, and individuals joined together to show that it’s okay to be different and to stand up against bullying and discrimination.


Positive thought to those who need them.  Cheers to those celebrating and cruising.

Edited by 0106
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