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I've done 4 that were 7 days and 2 that were 5 days with another 7 day planed next month. Every time I do a 5 day I always tell me self not again. The only way I would do one again is if I did a B2B or B2B2B. That said I have always wanted to do a 14+.

The problem with anything longer than a 7 days is I would have to take two sets of pants for the extra weight I would gain!!
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I see no problem with a 5 day, especially if its your first cruise. Make sure you and the kids like it and it will give you a chance to figure out what your likes/dislikes are for future cruises.

We've done 2 7-days and 1 4-day. We enjoyed the 4-day just as much as the 7-days. We learned on our first cruise that we really don't like sea days. Lots of people love them--we don't. So a 5-day would give you time to figure out things like that.

That being said, for us itinerary is most important (and also the number of days off we can take). I'll take any length cruise as long as I have the time and money and it's taking me where I want to go!
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My husband and I have been on 1 cruise prior to this. Our kids have never been and their ages are 18, 15, 14, and 6. I just didn’t know if we book the 5 day if we will wished we booked the 7 day instead.
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We did our first cruise last March and it was 5 days. We weren’t sure if we would like it or not. Didn’t want to find out we hated it and still have 2 days to go!

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Originally posted by Julesn6
My husband and I have been on 1 cruise prior to this. Our kids have never been and their ages are 18, 15, 14, and 6. I just didn’t know if we book the 5 day if we will wished we booked the 7 day instead.

I would say that if you don’t need the extra days for traveling- I’d go for 7. Your kids will have plenty of options to stay busy.
One word of caution... starting with 7 days really spoils you. We did that- now less than that seems to go by too fast for me. I’ll take any cruise- I just prefer 7 days. It allows for a good number of port and sea days. My least favorite itinerary is the one that doesn’t have a sea day on the way back.

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I've done 7 day cruises and one 4 day cruise. I will never go on a cruise less than 7 days again. It's hard enough getting off of the ship after a 7 day cruise, anything less than that is cruel and unusual punishment. I like port days, sea days, and all days of a cruise. Even 7 days isn't long enough. My next cruise is 8 days and I am happy.

If I lived close to a port, I can see going on shorter cruises. However, I have to fly in and always get a hotel the night before the cruise, so it's more of an ordeal to get to and from the port.
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Originally posted by Julesn6
We are wanting to do either a 5 or 7 day cruise with 2 adults and 4 children. Can you help with which one is best—5 or 7 day??
I would pick the 7 day cruise and i believe your children would too after getting involved in Club Ocean. 7 days is a perfect length, just as you get in the swing of things on a shorter cruise it is time to leave. When we cruised with our children we found day 4, 5 & 6 are days of relaxation.

Enjoy your cruise and have fun with your family.
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We picked a 5 night cruise, but will be staying in a hotel the night 6 nights total away from the kids (16, 17, 22). This will be our first cruise and our first time away from the kids for more than a night. I was concerned about being away for long and worried about not liking the cruise & being stuck. I also compared prices and knew that a balcony cabin was a must for us and the price of the 7 day was a little more than I wanted to spend. So I'm happy with our 5 night choice but hubby & I are already talking about taking the whole family on a 7 day after our youngest graduates from high school.
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I've been on 8 cruises & 7 were 6 days or less...

3 & 4 days are fine if you're looking for a party or long weekend fun- which I was for a while. 5 days isn't bad. If you do a 5 day that includes mostly weekdays, it doesn't feel too party. 6 days made my kids declare "6 days or more only!" 7 days was absolutely fantastic. My next is 8 days & I cant wait.

I'll take any length I can afford financially & vacay time-wise. But for a family trip 6+ is best. If you can only swing 5, you're still going to be fine.
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I'd go with the 7-day.
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I prefer 7. With the shorter ones, it seems like I get acclimated to the ship & know my way around & then it's time to go. My kids have never been bored on a cruise. There's always something to do.
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I'd always book the longer cruise when possible!! The hotel and flight costs are the same, so why not squeeze in a few extra days at sea for what's usually a relatively nominal cruise fare increase??

Our very first family cruise I chose a 5 day because I was worried someone in the family might be prone to sea sickness and I didn't want to be stuck on a ship with sea sick kids for a week plus. After that trip we realized no one gets sea sick at all, so for our family cruises, we always choose 7 or 8 day sailings now, and even then the kids are complaining as we're disembarking that they don't want to leave the ship, lol.

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I prefer 7 day but sometimes our travel folks want to do shorter ones. I always book a 7 day in the summer so now to satisfy my addiction, I have found that a five day combined with a four day within 30 days will suffice. Lol. Last year I made it happen, I had one 7 day, one 5 day and a 4 day. I like 7 day because you can really relax, spend the first day or so running around doing activities, then one rest day, another port day to get off the ship and another sea day to enjoy cruising. That last day is always sad for me. We did find an 8 day cruise a few years ago. Maybe one day I will do a back to back.

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Originally posted by Julesn6
We are wanting to do either a 5 or 7 day cruise with 2 adults and 4 children. Can you help with which one is best—5 or 7 day??
7, its more!
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When DW and I started cruising again after we had kids and became empty nester's we booked a 5 day cruise vs 7 day. Though we had a very good time, we realized it would have been better to opt for 2 more days since we had to pay for a hotel and R/T airfare (cost was the same). If we lived closer to the ports and could drive, we might go for a 5 day but at present, 7 or more days is now our preference.
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