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How do an 87 and 89 year old get home from Freemantle?

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2 hours ago, Kindergirl said:

Good morning all, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes, not to mention the wine!

I’ve been tracking them and they are getting close. It was really exciting to look at the flightaware map this morning and to see how far they have come. 
I have every reason to believe they are on this flight. They would have called by now if not. 😄

I know their TPA flight is cancelled, but it will be great to just have them on the same continent. Heck, I can drive to LA if necessary. Don’t panic everyone I’m sure they will find a flight and it is not my plan to drive there, but you know, worst case scenario I could if I HAD to. @old mike really, don’t worry, I’m not racing to LA.  😊

@Copper10-8 I can’t tell you how reassuring it is that you will be there with them to help.  My stress level is not even that bad now because of you.  And the fact that there is backup in LA by @cccole eases my mind even more. 
If they need to stay safe and sound in LA until they can get a flight so be it. They are on their way and are getting closer by the minute. 
The one sad thing though is that I will miss this amazing group of kind, positive and inspiring people. Knowing y’all are out there though, being kind and helping people through this tough time warms my heart. And, after this segment is over, maybe I could post and let you all know how they are doing? Regardless, I’ll always remember the support and help I have received. I will pay it forward.

Cheers all.  Photos to follow...eventually. 

You think you are rid of us?

Heck we demand to be involved in the selection of who plays John, Cherie & you in the movie. And there are amazing opportunities for cameos, too! @PiperHolliday is just one.


Since you are the only one who knows your parents, we will let you select who portrays them.


I think Sandra Bullock would be perfect for you. 

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1 hour ago, summer slope said:

Don't forget Fort Myers, Palm Springs, Punta Gorda.....Ft. Myers is a big airport and the smaller ones may still have flights. 

And Orlando is just a couple hours from Tampa. And the craziness on Route 4 is better because all the parks are closed.

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6 minutes ago, Essiesmom said:

I'm between JAX (2hours) and Savannah (1 hour) and could meet them at either place.  Put them up in a hotel or even at my house...or drive south and rendezvous with Kindergirl.  EM

And I am 1.5 hours from Jacksonville, & 20 minutes from Daytona.

We are probably equidistant from Orlando, but this is one time I would enjoy the drive to & from that airport. 




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5 minutes ago, carolyn22 said:

Atlanta is a huge hub for Delta, and you may be able to find a flight to there if they aren’t flying to Florida. It’s about a 7 hour drive for you. 


Praying that you get them home soon!


Good thinking.

I would like to believe they would at least fly to Orlando, but this is such a surreal time, who knows?

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43 minutes ago, JazzyV said:

This was the first site I came to this morning to see how it was going!

I did as well!  I'm getting more excited by the moment; as @Kindergirl said, I'm sure she's happy they're on the continent! 

@Copper10-8 - you are a real "Prince"!


Smooth Sailing! 🙂🙂🙂

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There are (or used to be) almost hourly flights from ATL to TPA.  It is likely that they can get a connecting flight from ATL to either TPA or MCO.  No need, then, to drive to ATL.   Surely DL has some flights operating between ATL and the primary Florida airports.

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2 minutes ago, BSocial said:


We are so looking forward to see a picture of @Kindergirl ‘s parents with


it’s possible Delta has already made new onward travel arrangements for the parents,  


Good Luck !


I think that you are right.  That is normally the case.  Let's hope, anyway.

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Just now, Tampa Girl said:

There are (or used to be) almost hourly flights from ATL to TPA.  It is likely that they can get a connecting flight from ATL to either TPA or MCO.  No need, then, to drive to ATL.   Surely DL has some flights operating between ATL and the primary Florida airports.

I am hoping at least Orlando, but I bet if DL flies them to Atlanta, they will get them on a small plane to one of the West Coast airports. But that means another change of planes. 

Luckily, DL can have wheelchair assisters meet them & take them to their connecting gate.  

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Thanks so much for your offers y’all (that really does come in handy. I think I’ll keep it even if I do ever leave FLA) 

So much kindness and compassion from people in this thread. Just so much. 

I or @Copper10-8 more likely, John is quick! And, he deserves the “report” will update you ASAP. 

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I'm up for another day and this was the firs thing I wanted to do even before brushing teeth, etc. I'm so glad they have landed and yeah they are that much closer. For Kindergirl just wanted to mention that it may be a good idea to avoid the airports like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale down in SE Florida if they were to have to be routed elsewhere. The number of confirmed cases of the virus is increasing in FL and the numbers in that area are the highest in the state. It may not be a a good idea  for you parents to end up there if at all possible. Don't know if already mentioned but there is also a airport down in the Ft. Myers area. I'm also backing up the other comments because we have direct ties to Delta and they have had pretty much hourly flights to Tampa from Atlanta but with flights being cut back so much I know those are also not as often. If they were to go from LAX to ATL it would be about 4 hours give or take. I remember for us once it was quicker due to strong tail winds that day. Then its a hour from ATL to TPA. There is also the possibility of getting to TPA on other flights via Dallas & Houston. If this ends as planned at TPA I'd love to see the reunion at our airport but at the same time the last thing I need is regretting it because I have my 89 year old mom myself here at home.

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57 minutes ago, Copper10-8 said:

At LAX; Flight arrived about 20 mini ago! Waiting outside customs. I'm sure the screening process for them will take a bit. LAX is pretty empty this AM



I wish I could find the words to tell you how kind you are to do this ❤️ 

So very thoughtful and going out of the way to help people who need it.


Thank you ❤️ 

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