What is the first food you look forward to?

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San Diego
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It will be Tandoori for me this Sunday and Mongolian Wok for my husband. I’m really excited to try the key lime pie too
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I have to have my escargot. And I'll end up with an ice cream cone before my cabin is ready!
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Burrito with guy fries..... dinner strawberry bisque
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Jersey Shore, USA
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I look forward to anything I don't have to cook...LOL
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Washington, DC
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Before I board I'm already salivating over our first Steakhouse dinner. There are other foods I enjoy, like Guys burgers, chocolate melting cake, etc., but they're something I expect/accept - not special - Steakhouse is special and I look forward to cruises where we have three nights booked more than cruises with two nights booked.
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Guys. I don't ever remember seeing the Key Lime Pie on the first day. It always seemed later in the cruise.
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SoCal Gal
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There was once a red-skin potato salad that I looked forward to as a part of my very first Lido lunch of the cruise. Now that they've done away with it, I head for Guy's and have a burger instead.
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Guy's Ping and Anchor BBQ
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Tampa area
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Originally posted by beachbum53
Well, to each his (or her) own. We went to the Pig & Anchor for the first time on Embarkation Day on the Vista. The BBQ chicken was okay, but I've had better. The BBQ pork was overcooked. Definitely not worth waiting in line for.
I had the same experience. People were chowing it down though.
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Dallas, TX
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Probably a sailaway glass of champagne. Usually, myfirst meal is something not that remarkable from the buffet.
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Originally posted by RedSails1968
What I will eat first - Blue Iguana shrimp taco bowl. What I look forward to most - creme brûlée!
You are right!! I had the shrimp taco salad for the first time last year on the Magic. It was super tasty.
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Watermelon from the taco bar....it is often very tasty whereas what is sold where I live is usually bland or awful. After that, I look forward to shrimp cocktail every night, any of the chilled fruit soups in the main dining room...
and now you have inspired me to try the fish tacos!
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The Motor City
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Crème Brûlée!
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Dayton, Ohio
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Guys and an ice cream cone!
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