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Royal Caribbean Cruisers -- How Are Things Where You Are? (was "Routine" ​ 😁 ​day in lockdown... how was yours?)

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7 minutes ago, Arzeena said:

Good job Debbie!

We booked Nov 20 and Jan 2.  The TA we used for the Oasis had a great group rate with some OBC and a specialty dinner thrown in.

The square cabins with wider balconies are wonderful on the Anthem. And always stick to port side if you are getting one on deck 6 or 7.

Yes, i usually do port side when one of these square cabins is available.  We love having the extra wide balcony with full table and the extra full length window.  We are also booked for the 12.4 Anthem sailing.

That's great you were able to get some OBC and specialty dining from your TA😃

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3 hours ago, jagsfan said:

I look at your mushrooms??? and think sautéed lamb kidneys. 
I had them for breakfast in NZ every day. 
But never in Great Britain or Ireland. 

Not impressed. They have bigger eggs in Texas and we have told Graham about beanz in little pots.🤣🤣

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3 hours ago, Ozark_Kid said:

That was just one of many things I read while reading up on preeclampsia.   It would of been easier to handle if I would of been in total ignorance.   

They are still at the hospital.   DD is needing watched for a few things but seems to be handing it ok.  Sharon was there during the delivery and informed me of a few complications that happened. 

They said Finnley did not pass her hearing test early this morning but other babies were not too so they think it may be a machine malfunction or fluid.  The biggest thing that concerns me is that they said they could retest in 24 hours.   My first thought,  do they expect for them to still be there in 24 hours.  

Plenty of babies fail their first hearing test for reasons that mean nothing serious. Secondly, it is not unusual for new borns to be in the hospital up to 3 days. You need to find some liquid to mix some Kraken into and relax.😉

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18 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

How is Hubby's hand/wrist doing?  Healing nicely i hope😍

It’s doing okay.  He goes to PT once a week and the therapist measures the range of motion with his fingers (ability to make a fist, etc) which shows improvement.  The issue is he has fluid in the bursa (elbow), not uncommon after this type of surgery, but his is not getting any better.  It may have to be drained.  He has another follow up with the surgeon Monday morning before we leave for FL so we’ll see what he says.  The Dr had said he shouldn’t be babying the wrist, but Andy takes that to the extreme and IMO is doing more than he should.  I’m hoping the 10 days away in FL where there’s no yard work to be done, sheds to be organized, etc. will help.  
I hope Eric’s back is getting better.  

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17 hours ago, Sunshine3601 said:

I just booked us for Anthem sailing for Eric's BD cruise sailing out of cape liberty on 3.26.23. 

I used my free annual casino prime cruise.  They are for interiors but we upgraded to an OVB.  Cabin 7254 with extra wide balcony and double window like JSs have.  We like these rectangular cabins.   Screenshot_20220812-212812_Chrome.thumb.jpg.d49caddd8a29fc254f66f34c9da02374.jpgAfter he applied our diamond discount for balcony and 55+ discount the upgrade was free.  While actually he said it be $4.88 but he waived that when he saw it was Eric's BD cruise.😀

We still have his free annual cruise to use.  Not sure yet what we will do with that one.   

You can’t beat free! 

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8 minutes ago, Ocean Boy said:

Plenty of babies fail their first hearing test for reasons that mean nothing serious. Secondly, it is not unusual for new borns to be in the hospital up to 3 days. You need to find some liquid to mix some Kraken into and relax.😉

As I saw your notice pop up the nurse came back with Finnley.  She said she past the test they do before letting them go home.  They still are waiting to test DD blood pressure and another test.  Looking more promising they will head home today!  I believe they said they would do another hearing test on Finnley in 24 hours with more to do with billing.  The nurse said 3 of 5 babies tested did not pass.

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31 minutes ago, Ocean Boy said:

He said LATE NIGHT. That changes one's perspective on many things.😊

On our last cruise it was a big draw about 5 in the afternoon. Most of the tables outside the Pub were jammed with pizza eaters. Especially teens.

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14 minutes ago, Ozark_Kid said:

I have been used to seeing Finnley with her cap on....





I was surprised to see how much hair she has!





She's got (considerably) more hair than I do!  I'm loving these pictures.


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7 hours ago, bobmacliberty said:


I'm sure he'll love it.  Things were very different back when I was in 5th grade.  I liked playing the french horn but when I stayed after school for band practice, I had to walk home.  It was about a 3/4 mile walk, lugging that large, heavy case.  That got old quickly.  I'm guessing that Andrew doesn't need to carry his case nearly that far.

I hope you’re right! We live about 1/2 mile from the school, and so far he loves walking home with his friends (a new thing this year). Hopefully, the horn won’t make it too difficult.

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On 8/8/2022 at 10:01 PM, HBE4 said:

Everyone,  meet Leonard aka Lenny, Poo-head and Little Stinky. I just call him Leonard.



On 8/9/2022 at 12:10 PM, ReneeFLL said:


Love the nicknames.



On 8/12/2022 at 1:52 PM, lenquixote66 said:

How is Leonard ? I must say that I like that name very much .


Leonard is mostly fine, although he seems to be a little skitterish.  He is in constant state of high alert.  Makes sense, he spent most of the first 4 years of his life in a 600 sq. ft.  1 bedroom apartment, then a few other similar-sized apartments while some friends watched him, to finally 4 different hotels rooms over the last 2 weeks. Now, he's in a 2200 st ft, 2 story house with 10 rooms to explore and it seems to overwhelm him.  He's getting better. We've been busy over the last 2 days "Lenny-proofing" the house and getting him settled and comfortable.  Along with some of his old favorite toys & scratch pads, we bought some new toys, better litter boxe, scratching post and cat tower so he is more at ease now.  It's comical to watch him walk up and down stairs as that seems to be new to him We do need to get a collar with a bell as we are constantly "losing" him only to find him sleeping behind drapes or on a dining room chair where the table cloth shields him from view.


Last night, it was cool enough to finally shut off the AC & let some fresh air into the house. Leonard quickly ran from window to window, fascinated by the sounds of crickets. Open the door to let him on the deck, he looked around as the cricket sounds are particular loud this time of year & after 10 seconds, quickly ran inside. 🙂


As for names, in addition to the aforementioned nicknames quoted above, he also goes by Snuggle McDuggle, Snugit or just Nugit for short, Snoogle McDoogle and Leonard Kittenstein. There are  few more that I can't remember. 


But I still just call him Leonard.🙂


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5 hours ago, Ourusualbeach said:

I cannot count the number of late nite Sorrentos runs I have done to put pizza in the fridge so my daughter will have something to eat in the morning.


Since the plates do not sit well in the fridge we let the slices cool a bit then 2 will fit pointy end down in a glass which will then fit in the fridge. 

Those cooler boxes or fridge doesn't keep anything cold anyway, might as leave the pizza on the countertop with a napkin covering it or with a plate and one of those covers they bring with plates for room service.

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Graham- Lovely photos of the Lake District!

 I am getting more and more convinced that I would like to explore the area. Giving thought to the possibility of visiting in 2023 as part of a British Isles Cruise holiday.

Always good to have a dream!

Regards to you and Pauline- 


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6 minutes ago, Sunshine3601 said:

Free Sorrento's pizza tastes great after an evening in the casino of drinking and losing money😆

It also tasted great  (and was a life saver) after the stinky dinner in Wonderland....I am one of those minority who does not like Wonderland dinners. I like the ambiance and the chocolate globe, but not a fan of the food that does not look like food. LOL😁

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3 hours ago, Ocean Boy said:

Plenty of babies fail their first hearing test for reasons that mean nothing serious.


Ours also "failed" the 1st test... "Le bébé est sourd" [your baby is deaf] the nurses told me.


And I, with the assurance of a first time mother, replied straight faced: "No way, my baby is perfect".


He passed the 2nd test with flying colors 😁

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