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The Daily for Monday Apr 12, 2021

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Today is Big Wind Day, Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, and National Library Workers Day

I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her. - Rodney Dangerfield

Meal suggestion for today - Gnocchi with Spinach and Chicken Sausage

Drink of the Day - Rumchata Egg Nog

Wine of the day - Friedrich Becker Pinot Blanc Pfalz Becker Family 2017

Port of the Day - San Antonio (Santiago) Chile

At Sea Ionian Sea
Zaandam Destination Cyprus

At Sea Pacific
Nieuw Amsterdam Destination Los Angeles eta 4/15

Corfu GR

Great Stirrup Cay
Nieuw Statendam Anchorage

La Paz MX
Koningsdam Anchorage
Westerdam Anchorage
Zuiderdam Anchorage

Long Beach
Noordam Anchorage

Southampton UK

Torquay UK
Eurodam Anchorage





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Thank you for the Monday Daily, Rich.  I suspect being on Mt. Washington when the big wind came would be rather scary.  A big salute to our Library workers who have needed to adapt to these times.  I loved the grilled cheese served in the Nieuw Statendam Marketplace.  Dangerfield certainly has a sense of humor.  San Antonio benefited greatly from Valparaiso's hostility to cruise ships.  I'll pass on the Gnocchi.  My alternative is Chilled Blackberry Soup, Gourmet Greens, and Grilled Lamb Chops with Oregano and Apple Chutney as served on MS Amsterdam April 12, 2014.


Today's care list:


St. Vincent

myself facing cardiac surgery

Baltic27 DH awaiting Wednesday heart catheterization

NextOne DH facing chemo

RIP Prince Phillip


Today's Celebrations and Shoutouts:


Welcome aboard bjkrik (April 9)

Congratulations Hideki Matsuyama

Teachers, school workers and at home surrogates

Front Line Health Care Workers

StLouisSal in the pulpit

Ger_77's DGS Zoom birthday celebration

Improvement for HorizonChaser1957's BIL

and Sabine, HAL’s likely first female Captain(I know this is a repeat but she’s worth it)




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Good morning, everyone.  Thanks to Rich and Roy for getting the morning off to a great start.  


We had a wind storm come through a couple weeks ago and blew things all over.  I can skip that.  Grilled cheese sandwiches have so many adaptations that you could have one every night of the week and it would be different.  Always salute your library workers.   What a haven a library can be.  


Off to the pool today to start the weekly regimen.  On Mondays I start with the weight machines before I do the pool.  


Today's meal gets rave reviews with the exception of one dissenter.  Too many carbs for me, but others may really enjoy this.




1 cup: 604 calories, 28g fat (12g saturated fat), 119mg cholesterol, 1226mg sodium, 58g carbohydrate (3g sugars, 4g fiber), 27g protein.




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Good morning from the mid continent.   Thank you for the reports and updates.   The weather is great today, very warm spring day.   Grilled cheese, gnocchi with spinach, skip the sausage - it will be a hard day to decide.    


I spent a week in Santiago prior to boarding my cruise at Valparaiso.  Lots of wine!  Wonderful farmers market with the largest vegetables I have ever seen.  They had a single celery that covered the table.  We did hike around town quite a bit and took some student "Tips for Trips" with lots of politics.  Like my home town they are very proud of their cemeteries.  Great town, lots of food for meat eaters, markets, museums and one of my favorites - a funicular.  We felt very safe on our own.  


Prayers and comfort to those suffering, kudos to those celebrating.  Thank you vaccine makers, we appreciate you.



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Good morning.  Thanks for the Daily.  Cool and rainy here.

Interesting collection of days.  A big salute to library workers, and I hope it won't be too windy today.  A grilled cheese sandwich will make a good lunch today.  And the dinner suggestion sounds good too.

Love that Rodney Dangerfield quote.

Looking forward to reading about the drink of the day and the wine.

Sending prayers for everyone on the  Care List.  Cheers to all who celebrate.

Stay safe.

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Good Monday morning.  Big Wind day....we had nasty winds last night. I've been to the top of Mt. Washington when it wasn't especially windy and it could knock you off your feet if you weren't careful.  DH is outside picking up tree limbs and sticks.  Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of my favorite things.  Always a comfort food.  Love visiting libraries.  The smell of books is wonderful.  Only read books, not kindle.  Rodney Dangerfield had a unique sense of humor.

Prayers and toasts to our lists.

Stay safe, social distance, and please wear your mask.

Rumchata Egg Nog:

  • RumChata 
  • Eggnog
  • Garnish: whipped cream & ground nutmeg
  • You can decide the amounts.

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 7.02.47 AM.png

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Good Monday morning, looks like another beautiful day here.  We are getting busier with tourists and the whole island is pretty much open.  Those two go hand in hand.  

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Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Cheers to all library workers! It has been quite windy here over the past week, so perhaps we wanted to be ahead of the game. @summer slope, when I lived in Massachusetts, we would go up to the summit of Mount Washington once a year. Only once did the winds not almost blow us over. It is an amazing experience. And in honor of grilled cheese day, tonight I am going to make my fave turkey & Brie sandwich with cranberry/mustard spread. 😎


Roy, thank you for keeping our lists! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Pass on the meal. Love the “recipe” for the drink - perfecting it might require a few taste tests.😉 

Our skies finally seem to be clearing from yesterday’s storms. Bindi will be happy. Though yesterday I discovered that Bindi might have “a thing” for younger men. She has been very playful with Rambo, the chihuahua down the street, and the past two days - she has been very playful with Mooshu, the pug around the corner. And he is a mere teenager. An interesting trend.🤔

Prayers for all who need our support, @baltic17, missed your post about your DH’s procedure, praying that all goes well.  Cheers to all who are celebrating. Stay well everyone!



If you can wait for the 2019 vintage of this German Pinot Blanc, you will find a slightly higher rating. But all released vintages are in the very good to excellent range. I found a low online price of $17.99.

Winemaker Notes

#82 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2019

This bright and lively Pinot Blanc weighs in at approximately 13% alcohol, with notes of white flowers, pear, tangerine and wet stones on the nose. It finishes with clean, mineral notes and great complexity.

WS90 Wine Spectator: A harmonious white, lush and creamy in texture, with acidity imparting freshness and focus. Offers a pleasing mix of Bosc pear, pickled ginger, apple blossom and stony mineral notes. Spicy finish. Drink now through 2025.

Tasting Notes
Chalk/Limestone soils produce this precise and flawless transparency of exotic guava, mango and pineapple intertwined with texturallyrich honeydew melon that melds with tangelo juice. Kaffir limeblossom and Elderflower create citrus tinged, mouth-coating power from start to finish. A riveting example of someof the finest, most affordablepristine Pinot Blanc available in the market!

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Today's sunrise is instead a sunset from my 2018 Crystal 2-ship World Cruise.  On April 12 the Crystal Symphony stayed overnight in Callau/Lima, Peru:





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Top of the morning Rich. Great Daily today. Thank you.


Good morning to my sweet sisters, Roy you are in my prayers, and hello new Daily-ites!


@DeeniEncinitas I love your Kaanapali home. I've walked by there 100's of times over the years and I will bet you we've sat next to one another at the Barefoot Bar. Now I'm disappointed we gave a family our weeks at the Westin for this year.. 

Ann, Bindi is falling in like with the new boys on the block? Does that make her a cougar? 


Today, finally, the plumber is coming to hook up the gas to BBQ and firepit so we can get this project moving along. I couldn't believe to run 67 feet of line to the back patio will be nearly $4000. Georgetown is a huge boomtown right now. The new complexes are popping up all over..


After my dental appt this morning I'm going to stop and get crab legs, baking potatoes and a bunch of fresh veggies for salad. And wine of course..


God Bless, Prayers and Cheers! 

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Good morning!  I have a little bit of time here before we leave so will try to finish and not leave you all hanging.  Thanks to Rich and Roy, plus all the other contributors to the Daily.  The day doesn't feel right if I don't come here first!  Grilled cheese is one of my favorites.  DH has perfected it.  When my children were in school I spent time in their schools helping out and while in middle school I gave my time to their library.  It was great fun working there with the librarian.  It was windy here yesterday while we were outside breaking our backs trimming shrubs and cleaning up the clippings.  But how appropriate Big Wind Day is when we talk about San Antonio, Chile.  We sailed from there in January 2020 (yes only 15 months ago), when we were on Coral Princess for our last Antarctica cruise.  Because of the storm along the coast the fuel bunker ship couldn't make it to port in time to fuel us for Antarctica, so we had to spend the night in the port waiting for it to arrive.  I have a few pictures to show you.  We didn't take any photos in town for some reason, just as we were leaving port.enhance


I think that might have been a shopping mall in the above photo. enhance




We needed tugs to get out of there because of the high winds.  As you can see there were rocks near the entrance of the harbor and they had lots of seals hanging out on them.enhance


This is what they showed us on our TV screens as warnings for the days ahead.  It was a nasty storm!



But we still had our Cruise Critic meet and greet.enhance




For some reason I didn't take any photos in town.  It's very small and we didn't spend much time there, just to a local store for some drinks and things to take with us on the ship.  If someone else has some photos of San Antonio, I would love to see them posted.





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12 minutes ago, Seasick Sailor said:


Ann, Bindi is falling in like with the new boys on the block? Does that make her a cougar? 


Maybe she is trying to recapture her youth...  it is cute though. She doesn’t want anything to do with other dogs. 

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Posted (edited)

Good morning all!

Another beautiful day here, although not quite as warm as yesterday. DH spent a lot of time picking up downed branches yesterday, no more wind please. I could live on grilled cheese sandwiches. The library was my home away from home as a child and I spent ten years as a volunteer librarian in our local school district. (Story time was my favorite.) Our libraries have struggled this past year, currently they are open by appointment with capacity limits. Many people rely on the library for online access, that has been hard for them. Not a Rodney Dangerfield fan. The drink and the wine are right up my alley.


it was great being at church yesterday for the first time in awhile, even though there was no hugging! It was a surprise for some people to see my cane and scooter. Last time we were together I was only limping; my ALS has progressed. I have gotten so used to wearing a mask that I was a few minutes into the sermon before I realized I hadn’t removed it. I listened to the online and even with the mask the sound was fine, I could have left it on.


This is a busy week of appointments before we head back to Branson for another week. Fritz has a vet appointment, my SUV is getting a tow hitch installed, our pest control company is coming by to spray. Two exciting things-Tuesday is my screening for my upcoming ALS drug trial and Friday a friend and I are having lunch together! For the first time in a year! 

Prayers for all on the care list; and I’ll raise a glass of wine to all who are celebrating.


St Louis Sal

Edited by St. Louis Sal
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Good  morning everyone.  We  have  had  some  big  winds  here in  recent  years  and  have  lost  a  few  of  the  older  trees  and  electricity as  a  result.  No  big  wind  celebration  here!  Libraries were  also  my  home  away  from  home  as  a  child, similar  to @StLouisSal. Our  local  library  here is  not  fully  open  but  we  can  pre  order  books  and  pick  them  up. I  can  certainly  celebrate grilled  cheese,the  recipe  and  all  meal  options. We  have  not  been  to  the  port  of  the  day.    Terry

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Good morning everyone.Another dreary day here. My grandson started making grilled cheese sandwiches when he was 10 , and he’s just about perfected it. I used to make it for my kids when then were young.


Yesterday we opened a bill for some ear tests DH had at a hospital in Philly. $1900. Suddenly, this hospital is out of network even though we’ve used it for several years. No notice, so today’s job is to find out what gives with this. One hospital that has joined with Penn Health is in network so we don’t understand why we didn’t get some notification.


Stay safe everyone and wear your masks.



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Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report and the lunch suggestion.  I’ll have the grilled cheese paired with tomato soup.  It’s kind of a cold gray day so a perfect lunch.  I hope that everyone has a great day.


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Good morning, thanks for the Daily!   A little late to the party today - DH was up and down like an elevator last night - leg cramps, so I was up with him, massaging, etc.  I think a mid-afternoon siesta is in order today.  


We didn't have a big wind last night, but we did have snow . . . I guess it's moisture, and we do need that.  Love grilled cheese, and a dear friend of mine has worked in school libraries for most of her career - they're called library technicians now instead of just workers.   I've switched over to my iPad for reading for the past number of years and love the fact that I can take over 1,000 books with me on vacation without the worry of overweight luggage.  I do, however, still pick up the odd paperback if we're going somewhere with a beach - I don't want to risk the sand and moisture on the electronic device.


We had a great Zoom party with our DGS yesterday - he wanted hot dogs for his dinner, so we went along with that and made them in the air-fryer, then sat at our tables (400 miles apart) and enjoyed them together.  His mom brought out the cake, we all sang Happy Birthday, then watched him open his gifts.  I hope, hope, hope, this is the last time we have to do that - all I wanted to do was hug and snuggle him and his 1 year old brother!


Neither DH nor I are a fan of gnocci, but I'm liking the sound of grilled cheese, so I think tonight will be grilled cheese and tomato soup night at our house.  And wine.


Prayers for everyone who needs them and even for those who don't think they do.  Raising the glasses tonight to *clink* and toast all on the happy list.  Be safe, stay well, wash your hands, wear your mask(s), and get your jabs!


Smooth Sailing!  🙂🙂🙂




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Posted (edited)

Good morning.  We have what we'd call big winds in Texas and in Quartzsite, but nothing like the 231 mph wind on Mt. Washington, which is celebrated on April 12 each year.  It was the highest wind recorded on earth. 


Like grilled cheese sandwiches,, but it been a while since we've had one. 


A salute to library workers.  I worked in the school library when I was in 9th grade and part of my job was dusting the books.  We have a new library in town, but I have not been in it yet, and it was closed most of last year.


Not a fan of gnocchi either.  Will have to wait for lamb chops until we're on a BHB.


We have not been to San Antonio, Chile.  We have sailed out of Valparaiso twice, and stopped once for a turn around day.  All the pictures we have of Santiago are hard copies, as it's been that long since we were there.


@StLouisCruisers Thank you for the pictures.  It seems that Coral Princess is jinxed when it comes to fuel barges.  In 2018, we were due to stop in a Japanese port, which I can't remember the name, and it was our refueling port after leaving Alaska.  We missed the port after going through two typhons during the crossing, which delayed us by a day or two.  The fuel barge ordered for Yokohama would not refuel us on the Sunday we were there, and we did not have enough fuel to make it to Osaka.  We spent that Monday at anchor in the bay until the Emerald Princess left.  The authorities would not allow the barge to refuel us at anchor.  Then we returned to the dock and were finally refueled, but then had to miss Osaka.  So Tuesday was another port day in Yokohama.


@baltic17  Wishing your DH a good outcome with his procedure.



Edited by Quartzsite Cruiser
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