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How do an 87 and 89 year old get home from Freemantle?


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So happy to wake up to the good news! Hope all can get a good rest and enjoy being together again.  Thanks for letting us come along on this challenging journey.


I'll raise my coffee cup in celebration!


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Hi from Germany! So happy for you... and indeed for all the excited followers. We went to bed last night (European time!) not knowing the outcome. So as a special celebration I have chilled a bottle of Randersackerer Ewig Leben Silvaner to have with lunch. It is one of our best local wines, and the name means „Eternal Life“, so we thought it was somehow appropriate for a toast! Thank you to one and all of you. This thread has been such a source of sunshine in those dark Corona times. All four of our children and their spouses are overworked medics, so reading about this wave of humanity helped to lift our spirits .... and to think I only found the thread by chance because we cancelled our cruise with HA from Amsterdam to the Norwegian Fjords. I do hope we meet up with some of you sometime in the future once we can look forward to cruising again! Enjoy some precious time with your parents, Kindergirl....

Morven, the Scotswoman

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7 hours ago, Kindergirl said:

I am sorry to keep everyone waiting so long. They arrived safe and sound!!!! Tired but okay. @Copper10-8 my mother would like your address if you are willing to email it to me. 

I took a short video but now it seems like I can’t share it here. 
I will share it publicly on my Facebook page if anyone wants to see it. 
Search Deb Kingston Kinder

They made it safe and sound everyone, thanks to you!



I am so happy to read that they made it home safely.

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For those who might not be able to open the video above, I hopped over to FB and took a couple of screen shots. Sadly the “live action” thumbs up is a bit blurred.



I can only imagine the feeling of joy & relief that you feel Deb!  Stay well!




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Thanks.  I did open the video as Rich posted but still nice to see the stills.  I think we're still owed a picture including John but Deb and her parents will need a lot of rest first.



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Well Sue1898, we are going to have to try that drink when we can.  We are in Sevierville and find it interesting that we have done three of the cruises you have, the New England/Canada, an Oosterdam Alaska land and sea and the Zuiderdam Panama Canal, but all different dates!   Stay Healthy!  I know this county needs tourists but am glad to see things shut down.  We are taking the stay at home seriously.  

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Well, @Kindergirl you did it!!! You have worked so hard and had the most amazing help from so many strangers. I hope your parents will appreciate you for all you did to see them home safe. 


I was so excited that they looked so well after such a grueling trip. I'm sure they have some stories of their trials and tribulations, just as interesting as yours.


So rest up and take extra special care of each other!


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Good morning everyone, as I write this it is 10:30am in Florida. I got up early and went on a toilet paper search (I was successful after searching for days...I felt like I’d won the lottery!) and when I returned the house was still quiet. Good news. I’m hoping they sleep most of the day. 

Last night I waited in the terminal and watched passengers get off flight 2802, then more passengers, then no one.  Next I saw a flight crew emerge. I asked if they were from flight 2802 and when they said yes, my heart sank. I know wheelchairs come last but not usually after the crew right? But then one of them asked if I was waiting for two elderly people.  I said I was and she said they will be along, they had to stop at the restroom! What a relief. 

I had to keep walking back and forth in the area where the shuttle arrives to make sure I got the video. First the shuttle on the right comes and I walk to the right side of the space, then when there is no sign of them I walk to the left hand shuttle and wait there. I must have done this 6 times.  I’m sure people thought I was crazy. Especially as I have on my mask (not taken from a health care worker, I’ve had them in my basement for years) and gloves. I have to admit some people stayed away, which was fine with me. 

I realize this would have been the time to post an update, but I was too focused to even think of it.  I really wanted to get the video so you all could see that they actually made it. Again though, so sorry to keep you all waiting last night, although it does sound like a good party was had. 😉

Finally, I caught a glimpse of Jim coming out of the left shuttle. Initially I thought my mom was beside him, but nope. No clue who that lady was, and then my mother who is stubborn beyond belief comes chugging along behind.  At least she was using Jim’s walker. It was an incredible relief to see them, although after everything it felt a little surreal that they were standing right in front of me. Could they really be here???


We went down, got their bag and took the elevator up to floor nine where @rjbean4 recommended. It was perfect. I parked immediately outside the doors. Jim chatted with me on the way home and my mom had a nap. Not at all surprising. 

@richwmn thank you for sharing the video here. I could only figure out how to put in a pic. Much appreciated. 

To all of you who followed along with this journey and offered support along the way ( I started writing down individual names then realized there were just too many wonderful people and I would miss folks and would feel terrible when I did) your kindness, encouragement, helpful tips, and solid information made this whole ordeal manageable.  Really, I know nothing about cruising and have never even left this continent.  I’m a smart woman, (minus my date line dyslexia)but you don’t know what you don’t know and you all filled in SO many blanks for me. Your willingness to commiserate and problem solve with me made me feel like I wasn’t alone. And, I not only had this huge support network, but people in it knew how this all worked. 

Of course @Copper10-8 is my hero for now and evermore, but I haven’t forgotten that @cccole also offered just seconds later. Without John, @rjbean4 and @PiperHolliday I would not have had all the inside travel info which I will now use moving forward.  If @seaoma or @cat shepard hadn’t given me encouragement early on, I may not have gotten to “know” you all. 

What it comes down to is that each one of you deserve your angel wings. Please hang on to the kindness.  It’s going to be difficult when people with varying needs and resources are trying to struggle through this together, but you have all proven that it can be done. I’m really worried about the future but if we all can treat people the way folks do on this thread I believe we have hope. 


Once they recover a bit I’ll try to get their side of things and will let you know if anything interesting comes up. One thing Jim mentioned last night is he is worried about the retiring captain, “he looks tired and thin” so I hope he just needs a well deserved rest. 

I am still thinking about those who have not made it home yet and will continue to keep eyes on those situations (going to read the captains blog now) And please know I will pay all this kindness forward in any way I can. 


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Followed this thread through the ups and downs.  Our emotions were all over the place reading this.  At times worried, then hopeful, sad, and happy, and finally grateful for your family reunion last night, @Kindergirl


I woke up this morning still wondering in awe at the positive, friendly collaboration on this thread (and in Person! @Copper10-8)   

we were all rooting you on!  Enjoy your family time.  .  Maybe some of us will come across each other in future travels, and not even realize for a short time, from many geographic areas, we were were virtually wishing for the same hopeful outcome.  Stay well, everyone!

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Good Morning from Australia.  When I woke up early this morning, the first thing I did was to check this thread.  The virus can wait.  (It is 2 am here on the East Coast and midnight in Fremantle, WA)

It was wonderful to wake up to photos of the parents being wheeled by a wheelchair helper.  These wonderful people are the reason the elderly can still fly.  Thank you for providing such a valuable public service. 

I still can't believe how good your parents look after long haul flights and their WC ordeal.  They must come from good stock.

What a special daughter you are Kindergirl trying to arrange repatriation of your elderly parents from the other side of the world, despite the odds.  It was heart warming to see the number of people rising to the occasion trying to help in their own small way. 

Then we have Copper10-8, a priceless gem, and his valuable band of insiders.  Well Done, all.  You should all be very proud of yourselves and your achievements.  

Whilst I was writing this your response came through, Kindergirl.   Thanks for taking the time to let people know the end of this wonderful real life story.  I felt like a small cog from "Come From Away".

Loved that the father was concerned about the retiring Captain, who looked "tired and thin".  For those who would like to follow the Captain on his long journey home on the Amsterdam, he writes a unique blog, Captain, Who's Driving.  


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Thanks for your latest post kindergirl. I had been following this board with keen interest then when copper posted their picture from California and I realized I knew them for our 2018 world cruise with them, it all made even more sense. Your mom is a jewel. SO sweet and kind and soft spoken, but stubborn  and independent. I could so picture her not wanting to bother you yet being so grateful to you. We were down the hall from them and we played bride together. Please tell her Ruth from Texas is so glad they made it home and how fortunate i think they are to have you for such a loving and caring daughter.

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