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The Daily for Friday September 17, 2021


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Good morning from a very wet and sodden Florida. If it continues to rain we may have to get out the plans and start building an ark! Per my rain gauge we have had over 14 inches of rain so far! I guess if I’m going to get my walk in I’ll have to do it in my bathing suit or wear a rain jacket!


Thanks for the Daily and all contributors.

We’ll soon will be enjoying a day visit to San Diego as it will be one of the ports of call on our upcoming Nieuw Amsterdam cruise from Seattle to Port Everglades!


Have a fantastic weekend!



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Good citizenship and the Constitution go hand-in-hand, in my mind!

One of my favorite desserts is hot apple dumpling ala mode -- aaaah! It's got an apple in it, so it's healthy, right? 😉

I always associate mint juleps with the Kentucky Derby. I was in Nashville on business one time and stayed at the historic hotel that claimed to have invented them - and they were tasty!

I've embarked from San Diego twice. The first time was a mess -- we stood in line forever and there were very few seats available to rest. And it was hot - no air conditioning - ugh! The second time, in 2019, was much improved, so I look forward to boarding the NA there in just  19 days!!

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👍Thank you for The Daily,  Rich @richwmn and to Roy @rafinmd for the Care and Celebration Lists.😊 Well, what can I say?! San Diego is where I 'grew up' and still visit friends.🚢 I'm happy that HAL has some ships sailing from SD. It's a great town with so much to do and see. ❤ A trip to the Zoo is a must!

🙏Prayers to all in need.🙏




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Actually DW's photos of Eurodam departing San Diego after our return that day from sailing to Hawaii aboard her in 2018. The bow-wing shot is one of my favorites.












And sailing away!








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Today I might need a short nap! 😴 This morning at about 3:40 a.m. were rudely awakened by our security system beeping loudly and rapidly!  We set it at night in the stay at home setting.  We can walk around the house because the motion detectors are off in that setting.  But if you or someone else opens a door you will hear a tremendous steady siren.  Not having ever heard this particular beeping before I woke with a start and jumped out of bed to see what the heck was going on.  I turned on a light and started checking doors, meanwhile DH dragged himself out of bed and checked the keypad for clues.  That's when I realized we hadn't heard the loud steady siren, instead it was that loud rapid beeping.  No one was trying to break in!


There was a check message on the keypad, so DH said he'd worry about it later and we tried to get back to sleep. Seemed like minutes later it was time to get up for the gym! (6:15)


This morning we got an email from our security monitoring company telling us Verizon had an outage early today and it MAY have caused an issue with our system.  There is some type of "cell phone" in the alarm system box in the basement that keeps in contact with the Central Monitoring Station, and that's how Verizon became involved.  Guess we're good to go here, but I sure hope I don't hear my security alarm in the middle of the night again.😲😱

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Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the daily report.  It has been a very busy work week.  One of my accounts made national news when they announced the 

shutdown of their maternity ward.  Other New York hospitals are facing similar staffing issues as the state is requiring every hospital employee to be vaccinated. 

I really enjoy a good apple dumpling.  One of the local bakeries does a good job making them.  I may need to pay them a visit.

From her FB posts it looks like @dfish is having a good time.  She just asked me for my favorite Tamarind dishes so I guess that’s tonight’s dining spot.  I have only had good experiences in the Tamarind.

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Good morning. It is a busy day with PT and MD appointments for Tana. It is also  a good collection of days and an interesting  quote.


The recipe looks good. Fish prices have been astronomical  here so I might try it another time. Baked ziti is showing up tonight with salad and garlic bread. It is usually a  crowd pleaser.


We were in San Diego  with DD and DSIL before our  circle Hawaii cruise.It was such a great city to explore with them. As others have said,the Zoo was incredible.  I would love to go again.Sigh.



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Good morning from a sunny central Texas..


Will celebrate citizenship and constitution days, but will pass on the apple dumplings.


I like today's quote.  Even with progress and technology, simple is still possible and the best way.  Remember the KISS adage -- Keep It Simple Stupid!


We have been to San Diego many times, and DH lived there in the 1950s for a short time.  The town has really changed and grown since then.  When the DDs were little, we spent a couple of days there in our motorhome, and visited the zoo.  Since then, it has been a cruise port, a turnaround day or we embarked or disembarked.  I thought I had more pictures of the town, but they must be pre-digital.  


In 2009, we drove by the house DH lived in, and it was in the process of being flipped and enlarged.

We were able to wander through it, and they were doing a nice job.  Unfortunately, five years later, the new owners had really junked it up.



In 2016, we had a port day while on the Ruby Princess.  We walked down to the Midway and spent quite a bit of time exploring the ship.  Here are just two of the pictures, but it is worth a visit.




These are from our walk back to the ship.




The remainder of the pictures are from various sailaways




A submarine in drydock



Lighthouses and markers on Point Loma




The Del Coronada Hotel, where Some Like It Hot was filmed, even though the moving was set in Florida.  It is pretty grainy as we were several miles off shore.  As we were headed to the Panama Canal, I'm not sure why we went north first.




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Good pictures Lenda.  Very cool, seeing the submarine in drydock.  


One of our old houses was bought and flipped after the people who bought it from us in 1989 really trashed the house.  They lived there at least 28 years.  The flippers of course renovated and cleaned up the interior, and on the outside they removed the redwood deck and filled in the pool.  I'm sure the deck hadn't been taken care of but with a good power washing, etc. it should not have been rotted wood.  And when the people bought the house from us, someone said they were going to use the inground pool for their two dogs' bathtub.  With the way the house looked I'm sure there was little maintenance done to the lovely 1 year old pool we left for them either!  

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Good morning all!

I've been absent from the Daily for the last couple days, busy getting ready to leave on Tuesday for Athens and our cruise next week.  Yesterday we got tested (just for peace of mind, as they will be testing us at the pier) and I'm very happy that our tests came back negative -- and in only 12 hours!  🙂  

Great days today, although I prefer my apples in pie or applesauce, not a big fan of dumplings.  Love cod, the recipe(s) sound good as does the wine and drink.  


We lived in San Diego for 7 years  during DH's Navy days, and even though I missed my home here in the PNW, I did love San Diego.  Have only sailed out of the port a couple times, on Pacific Coastals and the Circle Hawaii cruise.


@rafinmdenjoy your reunion!

@StLouisCruisersyikes about your alarm beeping.  We just put in a security system a couple months ago, thanks for letting us know -- I would have been too worried to go back to sleep lol!


Here's a very recent photo of 49 people taking the Oath of Allegiance in Yellowstone.



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CC is giving me major grief today.

Logged in, logged out over and over.  Powered off and on, cleared cookies, checked other people’s posts.


Finally posting is back without CC trying to copy the entire thread.


Really weird.

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1 hour ago, Crazy For Cats said:

From her FB posts it looks like @dfish is having a good time.  She just asked me for my favorite Tamarind dishes so I guess that’s tonight’s dining spot.  I have only had good experiences in the Tamarind..


I sure am having a great time.   We ate at the Tamarind last night and it was out of this world good.  By far the best meal I've had at the Tamarind.  We both enjoyed the Szechuan Shrimp.  I had the baby back ribs for an appetizer, but they were in a close race with the salad with kaffir lime dressing.   Sue really liked the Satay Sampler.   And, the cheesecake for dessert was great!  


@kazu the cod recipes look fabulous.  I'd like to try both versions.   @rafinmd safe travels today.   I hope we hear some good news from Bruno soon.

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14 minutes ago, kazu said:

CC is giving me major grief today.

Logged in, logged out over and over.  Powered off and on, cleared cookies, checked other people’s posts.


Finally posting is back without CC trying to copy the entire thread.


Really weird.

I had the same issue today. I finally erased all history and now it appears to be resolved. 

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6 hours ago, richwmn said:


Today is Citizenship Day, Constitution Day, and National Apple Dumpling Day

Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity. - Thor Heyerdahl

Meal suggestion for today - Grilled Cod

Drink of the Day - Mint Julep

Wine of the day - Herdade do Esporão 2018 Esporão Private Selection Sémillon (Alentejano) Portugal

Destination of the Day - San Diego California US

Ships with Passengers

At Sea
Eurodam 00:00 - 24:00

At Sea Pacific
Nieuw Amsterdam Destination Seattle

Ships without Passengers

At Sea Pacific
Westerdam Destination Los Angeles eta 9/19

Corfu GR

Ensenada MX
Noordam Anchorage
Zuiderdam Anchorage

Los Angeles

Scheveningen NL
Oosterdam Anchorage
Rotterdam Anchorage

Stirrup Cay
Nieuw Statendam Anchorage







Thank you for today's daily and care reports.

77°F and sunny here.

Good days and quote.

Nice food and drink today.

Never been to today's port but been to San Francisco before.

Take care everyone 


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Good morning from a somewhat windy and damp Pacific Northwest.  We have our first Fall rainy windstorm starting this weekend.  Can't complain after our summer drought.  I have been busy every day working on my log house and when I finally read the Daily after dinner, it is usually too late to post.

Yesterday I had some landscapers climb and trim a huge maple tree that was blocking my water view.  It is a big improvement; I can see the boats on Puget Sound now.  

My DW became an American citizen three years after we were married.  I remember she had to study quite a bit and take a test first.

I have been dealing with my TA about our March 2022 Noordam cruise.  Doesn't seem complicated.  We want to keep an existing (since January 2021) 14 day and add the following 14 day.  But HAL has cancelled the two previous 14 days cruises and moved them to the Westerdam in 2023.  I didn't request the Westerdam but they are balking at moving about $3200 in FCC on the Westerdam to the earlier Noodam cruise.  Guess I just have to be patient.


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Good morning and thanks all.   Sending good thought to all those on the care and celebration list.  So sorry to hear about Bruno.

@rafinmdhope I’m off the naughty list? 
@cat shepardthat wine sounds interesting,  we enjoyed a lot of wines from that region when we visited. 

hope third time lucky!  Loved the pepper fiddlehead.   We had to bring ours in, frost and cold at night.  The jalapeños are gorgeous but no fruit just a few flowers on the black pearls,  I am seriously thinking maybe by Christmas?


we spent some time in San Diego a few years ago. 












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